Who will win worlds 2014 ?


With worlds just around the corner, who do you think is going to take out the world title ?

My personal picks are

1a: Takeshi Matsuura
2a: Takuma Yamamoto
3a: Hank Freeman
4a: Rei Iwakura
5a: Takeshi Matsuura


This I think is the first year that there is a possibility of a multi-division world champion (Takeshi Matsuura).
1a: Janos Karancz
2a: Shu Takada
3a: Hank Freeman
4a: Rei Iwakura
5a: Takeshi Matsuura


Finals Seeds:
1A: Ahmad Kharisma(AP), Carlos Braun(EYYC), and Janos Karancz(Worlds)
2A: Shinji Saito(AP), Dave Geigle(EYYC), Takuma Yamamoto(Worlds)
3A: Hajime Miura(AP), Michael Jasko(EYYC), Hank Freeman(Worlds)
4A: Jeon Ji-Hwan(AP), Quentin Godet(EYYC), Michael Nakamura(Worlds)
5A: Jaued Cervas(AP), David Molnar(EYYC), Takeshi Matsuura(Worlds)

Keep in mind not all of them will be competing at worlds (Ji-Hwan and Cervas might not?)

People that might wreck the competition:
1A: Takeshi Matsuura, Janos Karancz, Iori Yamaki, Paul Kerbel, Christopher Chia, and Hiroyuki Suzuki
2A: Shinji Saito, Shu Takada, and Takuma Yamamoto
3A: Hajime Miura, Patrick Borgerding, Hank Freeman
4A: Rei Iwakura, Michael Nakamura, and Quentin Godet
5A: Takeshi Matsuura, David Molnar, and Takuma Inoue
Women’s: Ann Connolly, Nuu Gatowsky, and Corli Du Toit

My Picks:
1A: Janos Karancz, but Takeshi has a chance to be the first to win in 2 divisions at Worlds.
2A: Shinji Saito will return as the 2A God
3A: Tie between Hajime Miura and Patrick Borgerding
4A: Quentin Godet
5A: I hope Takeshi Matsuura wins. Inoue might come close though
Women’s: Maybe Corli Du Toit or Ann Connolly. I hope Tasya Ganihina competes.


Shinji Saito won the Combined Division and the 2A Division at Worlds '06, '07, and '09.


Lori yamaki for 1a!

(Former National 4A Champion) #6

That doesn’t count.

I think you got 3a and 4a wrong.
Hajime is a definite top three, but there is no way Pat-B will beat Hank. Last year Hank beat him by like ten points, and that was one of Pat’s cleanest freestyles. It could happen if Hank loses his only pair of yoyos though.
4A: Quentin will have to beat All of Japan and the US. I think he could easily mess up badly. I think he gets most of his hype from how intense he looks on stage. He makes his tricks look harder than they are. I think Rei is gonna win this year.

(Yiyang Wang) #7

I will still support Marcus Koh! :smiley:


For 1A, Janos Karancz if he competes. Idk about the other A’s, because i don’t really like any other style except for 1A.


If he competes? He has an automatic finals seed… Unless I’m missing something about him planning not to attend, why wouldn’t he compete?


1A - Christopher Chia. Or Hiroyuki Suzuki if he has a clean routine
2A - Shinji Saito
3A - Hank Freeman
5A - Takeshi Maatsura


2A: Shinji Saito, he has been mowing down every contest he enters recently
3A: sigh… Hank… I can just call it
4A: Rei or Michael Nakamura
5A: the National champion, Jake Elliot
AP: !inmotion
AF: Jensen Kimmit


1a: Takeshi
2a: Shinji Saito
3a: Hajime Miura
4a: Rei Iwakura
5a: Takeshi

I can’t wait to see the battle for 1a, there are so many top contenders


You know, people…


Keep your eyes out for Anthony Rojas
he just won bac and I wouldn’t be shocked if he wins worlds (in 1A)

(Amplified) #15

Tyler Severance is going to take 5A. Just watch.


Is Wong Chakwing coming to 3A this year?


I hope Takeshi wins 1A and 5A: takeshi matsuura
2A shinji saito
3A hajime Miura

I really think that japanese are going to win in each division :slight_smile:

(Bína) #18

2A Shinji, still think he is clearly above all his rivals.
3A Hank if he go clean, Hajime will be second waiting for Hank’s misstakes.
4A pretty close, since in 4A anything can happend. Still my favorite is Iwakura.
5A depends on how much will Takeshi devote to 1A, but I think even medicore freestyle from Takeshi is enough to win.

1A is mystery and there is ton of favorites.
I think Janosz can win only if he go clean as his EYYC 2013 freestyle(much cleaner than last years worlds) and if he improve on his performance score, which is really low.
Takeshi is my secret favorite, his tricks are great and he knows how to prepare freestyle to win worlds.

He didnt register yet.

(Steve Brown) #19

Tyler isn’t going. :frowning:

Paul Kerbel has a great shot at 1A.


Is there any way the 3a competitor list can be posted? Some friends along with myself were curious on who’s competing.