Serious competitors for Worlds 2013?

Who do you think are some serious competitors for Worlds 2013?

That Asian guy.


Gentry, Mickey, Peter pong, JOSH YEE, Pretty much ever sponsered player in the world :stuck_out_tongue:

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On a serious note, Zach Gormley could possible do well.

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True, True his newer stuff just leaves me dumbfounded… ???

Anthony Rojas without question!

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I love Rojas so much I just wish he would be a little cleaner. If he does a relatively clean routine i see no reason he shouldnt be winning almost every competition he goes to.

what about alex jv??? hmmmm, should be an interesting year.

Stein, Pong, Owens, Gormley, Chia, and Suzuki are the people who are standing out right now. I feel most players with interesting styles don’t stand a chance, though. For 3a I am thinking Freeman and Boergerding, Hattori and Hodgkinson (I am confident I misspelled that, the guy who won PNWR) aren’t quite there yet. For 5a, I’m thinking the guy who won third last year, I can’t for the life of me remember his name. As far as 4a goes, I’m thinking Conde with Naruum focusing on 1a now. I have no idea about 2a though.

It would be awesome if he made finals at worlds this year. His performance at Canadian Nationals was fantastic.

I’m thinking Conde for 4a and Takeshi for 5a Freeman for 3a and as far as 1a goes I’m clueless there’s so many great competitors out there. I think though that if Jensen competes he’s gonna put up a awesome freestyle… Not saying he’s going to win but everybody knows he could. Also you can never count out Mickey and I was wondering has he won the most world yoyo contest all time?

With four 1A crowns, yes, Mickey has the most 1A titles of all time!

Stein for sure, maybe zach too… Its gonna be a crazy comp

I’m waiting for Si Yee Pong to take it to the the top this year as he is my favorite competitive yoyoer. I think Takuma will be taking first this year in 5a. As for whoever said Donald Hodgkinson can’t keep up with Patrick Bogerding, Might I remind you he beat Patrick at PNWR.

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Is Takuma the guy who got third last year? Patrick Bogerding is REALLY good. While Hodgkinson is oneof the best too, I feel Bogerding is a step above the majority of the competition.

Takuma placed Second I believe and it was by a VERY close margin. And yea Patrick is pretty good what with his horizontal 3a.

I just now realized Takeshi could win 1a and 5a if he really put his mind to it :wink:

Zach Gormley is a serious contender and will most likely place in the 1A division. I think by the time Worlds comes around, he has a chance to win.

Charles Haycock is one to watch this year. Looks as if he’s going up the ranks.

Jensen Kimmit isn’t doing as well as I thought he would, but 5th place isn’t bad, and I think by the time Worlds rolls around he’ll be a contender as well. Maybe not first place, but you never know. He did it once and I think he can do it again.

Gentry Stein is doing super well, he has a shot. So does Tyler Severence.

Mikey… well he doesn’t need to win Worlds 5 times. If he does, good for him, but I think four is enough.

I think CLYW is eclipsing YYF as the top contest team. More and more contests are being won by CLYW players, and they are getting really good ranks too.

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Ya I think your right Charles Haycock and Zach Gormley are really starting to shine and then give Harrison Lee 1 or 2 more year an they will be unstoppable…

In 1A János Karancz is big European hope. In 2A I root for Takuma Yamamoto, I think he really should won last year. 3A is clearly in hands of Hank Freman, sometimes i see him on Prague meets practicing really interesting new stuff.