U.S. Nationals 2013 & Worlds 2013 Predictions


My prediction for Nationals

1a. Gentry Stein
2a. Joseph Harris
3a. Elliott Ogawa (his stuff is wack! )
4a. Michael Nakamura
5a. Tyler Severeance (aka T-$ tacks)

Worlds predictions

1a.#yoyobaby :smiley:
2a. Shu Takada
3a. Kentaro Kimura (if he enters)
4a. Bryan Figueroa
5a. Tekeshi Matsuura!

I want to hear your guy’s predictions, too!


Yoyo baby is amazing! I wish he wasn’t sponsored. Being realistic though I think Yuuki will show up at Worlds unannounced and win it all. And if that dosnt happen I’d really like to see a American or Canadian win.

For Nats I’m going with Zach, Harold or Augie.


Whos yoyo baby?


The kid thats going to win Worlds when hes like 9.


That kid makes me look like a toddler.
Funny choice of words lol.



(this may be an extremely stupid question) isn’t Zach gormely really good? LETS GO GENTRY!

(kclejeune) #7

I don’t see him winning worlds when he’s 9. His style is too generic in my opinion. Very good, but it’s kinda like dumbed down Mickey stuff.


But he’s 6!

(kclejeune) #9

Yes I know, but with that type of style, all that’s going to happen is he’ll gain speed.


His style ranks very high. If he pulls off a perfect routine, he will definitely win.


Sigh* these days all you need is speed and string hits.


I think Gentry’s going to take Nats this year. He was so close last year and the contest is on his home turf.

As for worlds… I don’t know how WILL win, but I’d love to see Gormley take it.

(Jei Cheetah) #13

US Nationals:
1A: Zach
2A: Joseph Harris
3A: Eric Tranton
4A: Michael Nakamura
5A: Sterling (I have hopes he will return with force)

World Contest:
1A: Chia
2A: Koji (I can hope)
3A: Minato
4A: Naoto
5A: Takuma