Gentry Finally Won!!

Yoyofactory has a new national champion. We Have all been waiting for gentry to win and he finally did. Reply with who else should win. :smiley:

I’m happy for Gentry. Now we have Anthony Rojas left and I think we’ll be set. I think Gentry, Anthony and Zach are the most innovative players in the country an Anthony is next in line to win.

Also think there is a certain someone on the forums who has the potential to take a National 1A title…

ya, was pretty excited when i heard he won! right after the shutter came out, kind of awesome :smiley:

Gentry definitely deserved to win because he has been under the shadows of Zach and other Clyw players who keep beating him.

Im really psyched that he won with a shutter. I now have a competition winning yoyo… Yay!

Yup Im glad he won.
but did you here about the splash colors for the shutter exclusively to yoyoexpert.
they look awesome!!! ;D



Noooooooo i should have waited. Dang!

I was there to see it in person and man was he amazing. I honestly thought zach had it though

so… i bought the barracuda at worlds the day before Janos won with it… and i got my shutter the day before Gentry won with it… am i a wizard? O.O

Yes. Next year buy an Octave.

Thanks dude, I would’ve killed Gentry if I was there this year, I’ll get it next year with a perfect score ;D

All jokes aside, it’s his time, it’s about time. Big congrats to Gentry, I can see more national titles for him in later years but I don’t see him winning worlds anytime though

Haha yeah I don’t see him winning worlds either. His tricks just aren’t… I don’t know how to say it. Well his tricks either need to get more technical or he needs to speed up if he wants a shot at worlds.

I think Zach could win Worlds he just needs to throw down some horizontal! That’s where he really got beat yesterday, Gentry and Anthony both had quite a bit of Horizontal in the routines. While I’m not sure but I don’t think Zach had any.

Yea, I liked Gentry’s horizontal. I don’t think Zach does much horizontal… He has the potential to win worlds but he would have to go all out in my opinion, it’s a long shot but it’s possible.

I disagree with this. Look at Janos’s performance.

Speed and fancy, intricate, i’ve-got-a-spiderweb-of-yoyo-string-in-my-hands tricks aren’t all there is to yoyoing.

But it’s how you get points, thats what were about.

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Your telling me Janos’s performance wasn’t intricate??? Even if you don’t consider that intricate there is almost no one with a style that matches Janos’s.

I’m not saying you have to go fast and super techs but Gentry’s trick don’t have the difficulty factor of someone like Janos to compete for a worlds title at the moment.

Is he a great player ? Yes, one of the top 20 in the world just not quite in that top 5 at the MOMENT. Just my opinion people, don’t take it harshly.

Intricate, but not in the way I imagine that you were referring to.

His performance was actually based mostly on slack.

Good point about the scoring system. I just feel that speed and tech aren’t the only things that matter. Style’s very important too.

Hopefully Gentry’s vid will be up soon. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I came as harsh.

it was based mostly on slack and it was awesome