Gentry Finally Won!!


Yoyofactory has a new national champion. We Have all been waiting for gentry to win and he finally did. Reply with who else should win. :smiley:


I’m happy for Gentry. Now we have Anthony Rojas left and I think we’ll be set. I think Gentry, Anthony and Zach are the most innovative players in the country an Anthony is next in line to win.

Also think there is a certain someone on the forums who has the potential to take a National 1A title…


ya, was pretty excited when i heard he won! right after the shutter came out, kind of awesome :smiley:


Gentry definitely deserved to win because he has been under the shadows of Zach and other Clyw players who keep beating him.


Im really psyched that he won with a shutter. I now have a competition winning yoyo… Yay!


Yup Im glad he won.
but did you here about the splash colors for the shutter exclusively to yoyoexpert.
they look awesome!!! ;D






Noooooooo i should have waited. Dang!


I was there to see it in person and man was he amazing. I honestly thought zach had it though


so… i bought the barracuda at worlds the day before Janos won with it… and i got my shutter the day before Gentry won with it… am i a wizard? O.O


Yes. Next year buy an Octave.


Thanks dude, I would’ve killed Gentry if I was there this year, I’ll get it next year with a perfect score ;D

All jokes aside, it’s his time, it’s about time. Big congrats to Gentry, I can see more national titles for him in later years but I don’t see him winning worlds anytime though


Haha yeah I don’t see him winning worlds either. His tricks just aren’t… I don’t know how to say it. Well his tricks either need to get more technical or he needs to speed up if he wants a shot at worlds.

I think Zach could win Worlds he just needs to throw down some horizontal! That’s where he really got beat yesterday, Gentry and Anthony both had quite a bit of Horizontal in the routines. While I’m not sure but I don’t think Zach had any.


Yea, I liked Gentry’s horizontal. I don’t think Zach does much horizontal… He has the potential to win worlds but he would have to go all out in my opinion, it’s a long shot but it’s possible.


I disagree with this. Look at Janos’s performance.

Speed and fancy, intricate, i’ve-got-a-spiderweb-of-yoyo-string-in-my-hands tricks aren’t all there is to yoyoing.


But it’s how you get points, thats what were about.


Your telling me Janos’s performance wasn’t intricate??? Even if you don’t consider that intricate there is almost no one with a style that matches Janos’s.

I’m not saying you have to go fast and super techs but Gentry’s trick don’t have the difficulty factor of someone like Janos to compete for a worlds title at the moment.

Is he a great player ? Yes, one of the top 20 in the world just not quite in that top 5 at the MOMENT. Just my opinion people, don’t take it harshly.


Intricate, but not in the way I imagine that you were referring to.

His performance was actually based mostly on slack.

Good point about the scoring system. I just feel that speed and tech aren’t the only things that matter. Style’s very important too.

Hopefully Gentry’s vid will be up soon. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I came as harsh.

(Erik Kerber ) #20

it was based mostly on slack and it was awesome