1A World Champion 2014, U.S.A. Gentry Stein!


Congratulations, representing for the U.S.A and Fact’ry. What!


He totally deserved. It was amazing

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That was some awesome throwing, and the level of the competition was off the charts.


I knew IT! XP well deserved, YYSR guesswork competition, got one right


Party up in here lol! It has been one big Shutter year, for sure. Shutter might be the most successful contest throw release ever! National champ and World champ since that throw came out. Gentry in his prime, with the right equipment!

A U.S.A champ, and a Fact’ry champ whoa!


I’m not gonna lie I’m a little surprised. He was on my radar of people I thought could win but he wasn’t very high up.

Still happy for him though, Americans hold our ground one more year with another worlds victory! Shutter is going to boom even more now, as if it didn’t already have enough attention :smiley:


I just realized he had a great chance of winning yesterday. Glad the U.S. finally won.

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I’m a little disappointed takeshi didn’t win two divisions, but Gentry’s was fantastic.

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Yoyofactory is currently working with YYE on a new deal. Something like 20% off YYF throws.


:o How do you get all this awesome news ;D If it comes to fruition, it’s on!




Congrats to Gentry Stein! He really deserves it!


He sure does deserve it, he has just been on fire. I have to be honest, Japan was winning so much, that I didn’t want to see a sweep for the top spots. I always wish everyone the best, but the fact that it was the U.S.A. to take the big one, it was more special.


It seems like the last time USA took a win at Worlds 1A is Yuuki in 07


Yikes! It’s been awhile for us in 1A. When the announcer said, “From the U.S.A.” I wished he said “From the United States of America,” to drag it out a little longer, even if by a second. Somehow, you want that moment to last. :smiley: Tessa represented for the women, she got tops for that. ;D

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Unless you count Ando in 08.

The MCs were from Europe, so they probably wouldn’t do that.


Yeah I was thinking about considering Ando

Cheng is European? I always thought he was from Singapore

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Right. But he wouldn’t either.


YoyoFactory said on Facebook and Twitter that if their team wins, we get 20% off in YYE. Woohoo! Maybe I can convince my parents to get me a CZM8


So that’s where the great news came from. ;D A perfect way to celebrate. I think this Prague contest renewed a lot of players’ energy. U.S.A. player gets the top prize in 1A, for the first time in 7 years, in Prague. Nice job Gentry!