YoyoFactory Shutter Goes Down in History


So, I posed a similar question on Instagram. How many other yo-yos have been a national and world winner, in the hands of it’s signature player, all within one year?

Shutter goes down in history as one of the best contest yo-yo releases of all time.


The Hitman by YYJ. Better throw for the time than the shutter as well.

It doesn’t matter anyways, Gentry won not the yoyo.


Did Delvalle win nationals and worlds with the Hitman within a year? That was the question, and I can’t find video that far back. What year did Delvalle win nationals '02 or '03?

It does matter, because the Shutter is the equipment Gentry used to win the contest. It was made to fit his style.


Okay, someone on Instagram said Takeshi Matsuura’s Palpitation, Japan Nationals and Worlds. I don’t have the year though, trying to look it up now.

What other throw has the same in common with Shutter and Palpitation?


Gentry won US Nats 2013 and Worlds 2014 so it qualifies as within a year of each other
Takeshi won Japan Nats 2014 in 1A and Worlds 2014 in 5A using a Palpitation, maybe even a proto Palpitation during Nats
JD won Worlds 2003 then won Nats 2003 2 months later both with a Hitman
I think Shinji won AP 2011 and Worlds 2011 using Loop 900s


Takeshi had a better showing this year: Japan Nationals 1a 1st, 5a 2nd; Worlds 5a 1st, 1a 2nd. Not sure but I’m assuming he used the same yoyo the whole time.

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Gentry did great. He’ll go down in history.


I’m assuming Hiroyuki won AP, Japan Nats, and Worlds 2012 all on an Anglam
Before AP 2008 Asia Pacific contest took place in December
Hiroyuki won Japan Nats '03, '04, AP '03, '04, '05, '06, Worlds '04, '05, and '06 all on an OG Speeder


Takeshi getting 2nd in 1A is just crazy. That guy is truly an animal. To be that good at 1A and 5A and win competitions in both in the same year, just amazing.


Jennifer Baybrook won 97 Nats and 98 Worlds so same year, with Yomega Raiders.

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The destiny, ai, palpitation,arctic circle, North Star, blink, anglem, positron, that’s all the yoyos I can think of.


Don’t forget Japan Nats 2010 when he won both 3A and 5A

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He still would have won if he used a Genesis or basically any other yoyo that could handle the tricks he was doing. Saying otherwise is an offense to Gentry IMO. No doubt the Shutter is good for Gentry but he could have won nats and worlds with a Genesis (this was his competition yoyo before the Super G I believe.)

Catalyst? Arctic Cricle 1 and 2? Irony JP? These werent used to win worlds and nationals by Augie, Zach, or whoever the JP was made for…


Gentry has a separate thread for his credit doing the tricks. When Gentry used the Genesis or the Super G, he didn’t have a year like this year. It has to do with several factors, of course his tricks, his effort, his practice, and I still say, his equipment. It was the right recipe, in my view, including his use of the Shutter. I think it is an offense to Gentry, not to say that his signature yo-yo, made for him, the one that he used at Nationals and Worlds, the one with the logo he wore on his shirt at Worlds and, and the one he has been promoting proudly, that bears his own signature, all year long, should go down in history with other yo-yos. Clearly, the Shutter is a great yo-yo, and this thread is about putting it on a list with all the other greats. Anyone who says otherwise, has offended Gentry. I doubt Gentry would be offended at saying that the equipment made for him, that bears his name, was part of a recipe for success.


It’s just a yoyo, if he had a choice he would probably be using a high end bi-metal not a budget yoyo. But that doesn’t sell yoyos.


I like how people are all in the champ’s head, they know what he would be doing other than what he did. One thing is for sure, he used a $45 YoyoFactory Shutter.

They should sell that T-shirt Gentry was wearing at Worlds, the Shutter one, that was pretty cool. I’m going to get a list going of all these yo-yos, maybe a top 10 list.


Yeah, that Speeder is a heck of a throw too. I’m interested to see what is in the Shutter’s future, in other people’s hands. I think some sponsors know just when to give the player the best tool for the job. When they make these signatures, it just seems some of them are a perfect match, and perfect timing too.


That was a good one. To this day, people still love that Raider too. It has clearly been a great seller for Yomega too.


Agreed with the people saying Gentry won, not the Shutter, and that he could have won with any number of other yoyos.

That’s not saying the Shutter is anything less than an awesome yoyo. But it’s not what pushed Gentry to the victory. It was hard work and determination, as well as having put in enough stage hours to be boosted by that environment rather than flustered by it.

No matter how you cut it, it’s all about Gentry. I don’t think anyone’s claiming to be “in his head” for stating the obvious.

The Shutter still goes down in history. For being an incredible yoyo at an unexpected price for the time, breaking ground in the “budget metal” category and giving people a tool that performs well for all aspects of modern yoyoing and doesn’t hold anybody back no matter what their goals (even if it’s winning World’s). :wink:

There are probably things that can be done to the Shutter design to make it “even better” in small (very small) ways. But Gentry wanted a yoyo that kids could afford and which still had top performance. Those small changes would potentially put the yoyo in a higher price bracket.

I think it’s more accurate to say that Gentry won with the yoyo he helped design, instead of designing a yoyo whose purpose was merely to help him win.


Now, this was the original post. Anyone reading too much into this post, has got some serious issues. How, out of that post, did people get the idea that I said the Shutter jumped up on it’s own, and started performing tricks without Gentry.

Those who are stating that Gentry could have won those contests this year, with any other yo-yo, have no proof of that. He was not playing with any other yo-yo, he was playing with his signature, the one that bears his name, the Shutter. I definitely have proof of that though. He won those contests within a year, with the Shutter. If the yo-yo doesn’t matter at Worlds, let’s just hand every player the same stock yo-yo and see what tricks they do with it.

Yes, people are “in his head” to say and I quote “if he had a choice, he would probably be using a high end bi-metal.” What conversation did you have with Gentry to get that information? You would have to read minds, or know him personally. So, I’m trying to find out who in here knows him personally.

So, read the post that I wrote, not what you read into it, and that will help. Nevermind what anyone doesn’t like about the Shutter design, or what could have made it better. This is not a thread for that. It is Gentry Stein’s signature yo-yo, the one he used to win Nationals and Worlds, something he hadn’t done before. That is a fact.

How about we stick to the thread topic instead. Re-read the original post. :wink: