What yoyos win championships

Hey All,

LOL, I dont know what just happened there… But what I was going to say…

I am looking to get a new yoyo soon and a good question came to me…

What yoyos win the most championships?

I dont keep up with the professional yoyo world so I dont have any idea. I was hoping you guys could tell me what yoyos were used to place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the big yoyo contests like worlds or nationals.


Just about any yoyo in the hand of an awesome player does. No certain yoyo will do it ever.

Put a great yoyo in the hand of a novice and he will not win worlds. Put a crappy yoyo in the hand of a great player and he could.


I know that the yoyo does not make the thrower… But obviously the guys winning championships are using good yoyos. Since I dont have the opportunity to get to try out a bunch of different throws I thought Id see what the big dogs are using. It might help me make up my mind.

Most of them are sponsored so that means they use the best of what they are given or what they choose to use from their sponsor. Yuuki uses a genesis.
Jensen Kemmit used a northstar when he won.

One used a high dollar metal and one used a $30 plastic. You tell me.

Thats funny, I would have guessed that all the big dogs are using metals these days. There are just too many options out there! My only option for trying a yoyo is buying it and that makes buying one a hard decision! I thought knowing what people are winning with might help in the decision making. I guess I’m just gunna stick with my DV888 until my new yoyo comes to me in a dream…

I have to agree with Icthus, but it’s not like it’s any stretch of the imagination.

First, we have to agree that I’d say 95% is the player. And I can prove it with my mediocre skills. Granted, my “big trick” right now is “double or nothing”, and I can land it on just about anything I have except my ONE, and I say that because I keep my ONE responsive and it dies on me and I can’t return it. I just can’t get that sucker spinning fast enough. But I like my ONE.

Doesn’t matter if I’m using a Avalanche, a Gnarwal, a Code 1, a DM2, a Speeder 2, a Whip, a Protostar or whatever else I have in my collection(except for the mighty flea, and that’s just too much/little yoyo for me to handle right now), I can land it. So, that shows my skills are fairly solid. But my failure with the ONE means I could still use some fine tuning.

Now it comes down to preferences. Which ones do I like better? Which one is best suited for me and my developing style of play?

Yes, I’ve played metals and I like metals and I am definitely developing a preference for them, but I like to mix it up for now so I don’t get too comfortable, so I’ll choose a"yoyo of the day" and that’s what I’ll use all day long. For me, some simply work better than others. My personal favorite right now is still a DM2, followed by a Code 1 and an Avalanche. But, you know what, a $35 Protostar still feels really good and I can’t wait until I get a Northstar.

However, even so, some yoyos simply perform better than others as a rue. I don’t think we’re going to see any world champs using a ONE or a WHIP in competition. Yes, these are wonderful yoyos, but in my opinion they aren’t competition quality yoyos.

If you don’t have the skills, then it doesn’t matter what you use. Finding the yoyo that “clicks” for you will help you get that last little bit of edge you want, but that’s about it. 5% at best.

Equipment can only take you so far. I’ve done albums with a $1000 console and an aging analog 1/2" 8-track reel to reel and people swear it sounds like it was done in a major studio with top of the line gear. Granted, I’m talking equipment, but in this case I’m comparing equipment to the engineer operating it. This goes back to yoyo. It lies in the user/player, NOT the equipment.

That’s not to say that signature models and what the champs are using is bad stuff. Clearly it isn’t or they wouldn’t be using it. But, don’t expect it to magically change your game for you. Sadly, you’re going to have to buy and try a lot of yoyos before you find what works best for you. I’m in that mode right now, but my problem is that I like everything I throw and appreciate the differences each one brings to the game and I’m having one heck of a good time doing it.

You may be asking since I have high-end metals, why do I want stuff like the protostar or northstar? Well, those and a few other models(including a dv888) are stuff I hear a lot of other people using, so it seems that it would make good sense to add them to my collection. Plus, then I’ll know what everybody is talking about. One of my concepts is the more exposure I have, the more knowledge and experience I can gain. I want to be able to relate to the widest audience possible. Plus, it’s only money.

The other issue is that there’s a lot of great stuff out there. It just adds to the confusion. But, that just means it’s a great time to be yoyoing!

It’s the throw, not the yo.
Takeshi won with a lyn fury back in '08.

But with that said, of the stuff I’ve tried, the top 3 performing yoyos I’d say are:

  1. Irony
  2. Code 1
  3. Canvas

it’s all just preference, though.

There are so many yoyo’s to choose from. Why not go on over to yoyoskills.com and check out all the reviews he’s done. Ya never know what might spark your interest.

There’s tons of great reviews on YYE as well. I think that’s a good starting point as well.

Better yet, try both. The nice part about YYE reviews is that it’s by people who review yoyos, champs and “us common folk”. Each brings a different perspective.

No yoyo will specifically win championships.

Although in terms of what yoyo has been used the most for champions.

Yomega raiders.

No kidding, as far back as its creation to the top players of today, raiders have been a favorite, and Im pretty sure that no other yoyo has been used to win so many contest.

Its pretty much un-countable


tyler severance won 2007 5a with a FHZ

Honestly, any yo-yo that is a signature series of a professional player is good. If you want a good yo-yo that usually are won with in contest get any signature series of Hiroyuki Suzuki.

I don’t know what 1st and 2nd used but I know that 3rd used a Super G by Yoyofactory.

Hiroyuki Suzuki won the 1A division multiple times at the Worlds using his YYJ PHENOM and YYJ PHENOMizm

People win championships. The yoyo is merely the instrument that they choose to compete with. The specific model of yoyo chosen is what they determined was the best match for themselves. But, without the skills behind it, the yoyo is just a couple of discs on a string.

An OK tool in the hands of a master craftsman can be used to do amazing things. A great tool in the hands of an unskilled craftsman is, well, interesting and often not in a good way. A great tool in the hands of a skilled craftsman is a wonderful thing to behod. At a yoyo contest, that is what we are seeing: a skilled performer matched with what for them is a great yoyo. When those two things come together, great things can happen.

Thank you all for the advice but just to clear the air… I COMPLETELY understand that it is the player that wins the competitions not the yoyo. I know that having the worlds best yoyo will not make me a better thrower. I also know that picking a yoyo has a lot to do with preference.

That said, I was just trying to see what yoyos have been used by some of the great players. I should have worded the title of the thread “what yoyos do champions use most”. There are no other serious throwers around me as far as I can find and no good places to go and try any yoyos out. I was just going to use this info as one of the many things to consider when buying my next yoyo. With so many options and my limited experience with different yoyos its really hard to pick one! Also, OF COARSE Ive been reading the reviews :slight_smile:

If anyone REALLY wants to help me decide, mail me your entire yoyo collection so I can try them out and Ill send them back once Ive played with them all :wink:

Actually, (don’t quote me on this) but I think he won the '04-'06 worlds with a Speeder and at least won one Japan Nationals with a Speed Maker.
I think so so if I’m wrong I apologize :slight_smile:


Oh, and as for yo-yo’s, it’s what YOU prefer. If you like “H” shapes, then look for “H” shaped yo-yo’s. But if you don’t stay away from them. If you like heavy yo-yo’s, go for the heavy yo-yo’s. But if you don’t know, just think about it really hard or just go out on a whim and pick the one you think would match your style of play best :slight_smile:

I hope this helped ;D

I don’t think there’s really a yoyo champions use the most. There’s a lot of competition quality yoyos, and in the right hands, almost any yoyo can be competition capable.

The reason why I don’t bother tracking this type of information because the models used are as varied as the players themselves.