Competition yoyos

I am looking into a purely competition based yoyo. I was looking through my collection and realized I now only have two competition based yoyos ( KLR and Messiah). I have relatively no budget, however, I would not go over 150 unless it’s head and shoulders above the rest.i have been looking at the werrd Irony JP and 2014 Genesis as well as a General yo Amplitude although I normally prefer a lighter yoyo. I should also mention that I would prefer it to be very good at horizontal.
I should also note that I am open to suggestions.

Out of those three, my guess is at present few people will have opinions on the General-Yo, however of the other two I would recommend the Irony JP if you are interested in horizontal. It will also be a little less solid which may fit your preferences more. It’s an exceptional yoyo. The Genesis is also very good and you wouldn’t regret that purchase, but out of the two I prefer the Irony JP.

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I figured that the amplitude wouldn’t get much answers, but maybe someone will. Thanks for your opinion, I was leaning towards the Irony but I wasn’t and still am not completely sure.

Movitation is worth considerations as well

Supernova and superstar are good throws as well

Something like the arctic circle 2 would fit as well

If I were you I’d get one of the following:

Yoyomonster Checkmate: $145
Weight (g) 66.5
Diameter (mm) 54.89
Width (mm) 42.31

C3yoyodesign Krown: $160
Weight (g) 65.8
Diameter (mm) 56.00
Width (mm) 45.00

Turning Point Positron 2: $155
Weight (g) 66.3
Diameter (mm) 56.00
Width (mm) 43.00

Werrd Irony JP: $120
Weight (g) 67.1
Diameter (mm) 58.35
Width (mm) 43.02

Auldy Ares Star: 13800 yen ~ $135
Weight (g) 68.2
Diameter (mm) 58.44
Width (mm) 44.16

Auldy Magnum: 12800 yen ~ $125
Weight (g) 70.3
Diameter (mm) 57.30
Width (mm) 44.16

Any of these would probably be great competition throws. The Irony JP is probably the best deal and I could only find them in stock here at YYE in one color (green acid wash). The Ares Star I found is that price for blue or pink (despite the myth that blue costs more) and both colors are in stock. The Ares Star is incredible but don’t get it if you do lots of finger spins as the propellers will prevent you from doing them. The Magnum is another great deal but I’ve never thrown one and don’t know anyone who has. But it’s definitely considered a “competition yoyo.”

Personally I’d get a Checkmate but I already have a ton of competition yoyos. If I didn’t have any I’d probably get the Krown (though it’s slightly out of budget).

Hope this helps!

EDIT: As far as horizontals, these are all supposed to be great at horizontals. The Checkmate is a Hideo Ishida signature throw and he does tons of horizontal tricks. Same with C3 Krown, just watch Shinya Kido with it. Irony JP, also pretty good from what I hear. Both Auldy’s are supposed to be good for horizontals. Only one I’m not sure about is Positron 2 but I’d be surprised if it couldn’t handle them.

Oh and I have a Movitation and I wouldn’t consider it a competition yoyo. It’s really good for finger spins and handles horizontals well but in other respects (stability, speed, spin times) it’s not as good as the rest of my throws.

C3 P-Wave might be better if you’re going in that direction. It’s like $135 I think and 7075 to which is nice (as are Krown and Irony JP).

If you need help locating a yoyo feel free to PM me. I’m aware of pretty much all the yoyo sites in existence.

EDIT 2: Genesis 2014 SS is still available if you know where to look. I can find both colors at a Japanese site for 14800 yen. I almost bought one when they were released at YYE (actually did buy one, but then asked for refund after realizing I didn’t really want one).

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Are you aware that contests are regularly won with yoyos priced under $40 to $50? :wink:
The organism on the other end of the string is the most significant variable.


I know it’s a cliched faux-pas, but I honestly didn’t think you had said “organism”.

Yeah I realize that, I’m not competing anyways, I was merely referring to the type of yoyo that most people refer to as a “competition yoyo” . As in rim heavy, and usually v shaped. As I would like to try a few more of these types of yoyos. I know it’s the player, not the yoyo but I don’t get to buy yoyos very often and I would like to try one of this “style” of yoyo.

P.s I like the signature at the bottom of your post, it’s from a ccm commercial if I’m correct, with Alex Ovechkin in it.


I buy high-end yoyos because I think they will make me a better player. And they do, you know, placebo effect and stuff.



anyways, I’d suggest Irony JP, One Drop Format:C, One Drop Valor.

Or any YYR if you want to spend that much :smiley:

I just realized that the Ares Star is only $60 in China.

Is it really THAT good Nathan? Or is it some hype too.

DID U JUST QUESTION THE AWESOMENESS OF THE DRAUPNIR??? You don’t deserve to yoyo anymore. It is THAT good… I can’t even right now…

I’m sorry. Don’t hurt me, please.

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You can still find the raw version new at a couple of places. About $200 so a bit out of your budget, but if I were going for just one competition yoyo that would probably be it, for 1A

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Ok thanks I’m really contemplating it still, if it is as good as you guys say, it might be the only expensive yoyo I’ll want for a while.

Trust me dude. It is THE god of yoyos.

Ok looks like I’ll probably get one. Thanks guys.

The amplitude is really nice! A bit on the light side, a nice v shape.