YOYOFACTORY wants to know who you think will win Nationals!

We teamed up with YoYoFactory to make this year’s National Contest a little more interesting!

Who do you think will be the next National Champ?

YoYoFactory has a few guesses:

Gentry Stein with the SHUTTER
Evan Nagao with the EDGE
Michael Stecz with the SUPERSTAR BI-METAL
Kevin Nicholas with the NINE DRAGONS
Clint Armstrong with the SPACE CADET
Patrick Canny with the EDGE
Eric Koloski with the REPLAY PRO

Purchase any of the yo-yos listed above by 3PM PST on 9/17/2016. If the yo-yo you purchased is used to win the National Yo-Yo Contest you will receive a YoYoExpert Gift Certificate for the FULL RETAIL VALUE of that yo-yo!

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Gentry Stein with the Shutter or Replay Pro. I just don’t have money to buy anything right now (even if I might get it all back in gift certificates).

What he said

Do I buy a Shutter and bet on Gentry… decisions decisions…

Nats 2012 : 1st - Zach Gormley
2013 : Gentry Stein
2014 : Zach Gormley
2015 : Gentry Stein
2016 : hmm… ::slight_smile:

“Kevin Nicholas with the NINE DRAGONS”…? In 1a?

Yeah. He loves it

Cool, I din’t know it was allowed.

My bet would be on Gentry all the way, but I don’t have $50 to spare. I just spent it on a marquis.


The promotion is for the 1A Division only. Just in case anyone was curious.

Could it be… The 9 Dragons?!




GO CHANDLER! But, as I stated, I still don’t have the money to buy something right now. I own a Superstar Bimetal already and I love it.

I want to see Kevin’s freestyle with the nine dragons, especially with the extremely differing views on the yoyo.

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He used it in his Worlds prelims.

^^^ If he wins using the Nine Dragons it surely won’t be because of the yoyo. I didn’t see him do one trick from that routine that made use of the Nine Dragons design. Point being… like a lot of the top competitors, he’s good enough to win using just about ANY yoyo.

Agreed, he is definitely good enough to win with any of the new YYF yo-yos, but he does make use of the Nine Dragons design. The Nine Dragons free spinning profile pretty much negates any string rub which really helps with his crazy horizontal tricks and makes it easier to recover on a missed horizontal trick.

I feel Gentry Or Evan has a good chance of taking nationals. I would love to see Eric take nationals as well. Going to be a tough choice.

I’d love to see Evan Nagao win, but I don’t think he can beat Gentry. His tricks are so good and his showmanship is incredible, but I just don’t think he’s there yet.