US Nationals 2014 Results


1-Zach Gormley
2-Gentry Stein
3-Anthony Rojas

1-Joseph Harris
2-Connor Scholten
3-Ben McPhee

1-Alex Hattori
2-Patrick Borgerding
3-Elliot Ogawa

1-Zach Rubino
2-Michael Nakamura
3-Ian Johnson

1-Tyler Severance
2-Jake Elliot
3-Bryan Jardin

(Ellie) #2



(Former National 4A Champion) #3

2a 2nd connor scholten
3rd ben mcfee

I got sixth Iin 4a. Not that good but i was within five points of third.

(Owen) #4

The 4a competition was tight this year

(Erik Kerber ) #5

Yea Zach Gormly

(Amplified) #6

Yay Tyler.


Blarrrghh. I was hoping for a gentry win. He did such a good job last year.

(Steve Brown) #8

Full results, winner videos!

(Didn’t have 2A results once we moved over to the theater, but I’ll get up everything past 3rd Place once I get home and get all the spreadsheets from Thad.)


Why was there a change in location?


Zach killed it. One of the best freestyles I’ve seen.

(Ellie) #11



weather I guess?


I rather enjoyed Gentry’s performance. I would say I liked it better than Zack’s, just my personal opinion.




gentry=american mickey
bound to have haterz


I’d much rather see the impressive technical tricks Zach throws down over mildly impressive tricks timed to music. There were at least 3 other performances I liked over Gentry’s.


Evan Nagao…those horizontal combos were the craziest I’ve ever seen


Agreed! Now don’t get me wrong, I really like gentry and love his performances and am glad he took world’s, but like I said in the other thread, Zach takes yoyoing to another level with technicality and stuff never seen or attempted before. It’s like he tells a story when he throws. Yeah, gentry is badass, but that’s all you really see at competitions, speed tricks that aren’t ttechnical, or barely have anything technical.

Zach deserves it again and hope he takes world’s next year!


I am still extremely happy that Zach won, but Evan Nagao’s performance… My friends and I went berserk watching that. His performance had a huge standing ovation, and was easily the most memorable performance. He also had his tricks synced up with the music Like Gentry does, and was much more exciting to watch. Only 3 or 4 other players had people stand. Evan Nagao broke 1A finals yesterday.


I really like Zach. But Gentry is more of an artist with his tricks.

Yeah Zachs tricks are really technical, but how much of a spider web of string do you want to see?