When will results be up?


Prelim results are up on yoyonews.

Still looking for a live stream. :frowning:


I’m still looking for one, but can’t find one.

I am guessing that the results will be posted between 5:00 and 5:30 PT. They could even be posted as late as 6:00 PT, but I hope not. It just depends on how quick YYN is about it. Awards start at 4:30 (if they are on schedule, which did NOT happen at Worlds, LOL), and they probably last less than thirty minutes. So, in other words, with all the variables, I have no idea, LOL.


Zach just finished. So like 2 people left. So probably in about an hour and a half at most? So far the best looking (based off 15 sec videos) are Zach,Gentry, Michael, Eric and Sebby. I have no idea though I just saw 15 second videos.

EDIT: awarding is happening right now. I’ll post results her done.

Jake Elliot just won 5A… Big congrats!!!


And Gentry won 1A



Oh mah gawd who would’ve thunk it?

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WOW I have to give it to Steve!!! He brought NAT’s alive via Instagram and Facebook!!! Fine job Steve… Fine job!!!

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I was right! They were posted about 5:20 PT!

But anyway, I just read all the results on YYN!


So excited! I CANNOT wait to watch his freestyle. I was glad that Anthony got second too!

And I can’t believe Jake won 5A! That guy is amazing! I heard that WYYC was only his second contest, so I believe that this was only his THIRD CONTEST! Feel free to correct me on this if you know otherwise. I was going for Tyler, but congrats to him.

PLUS Joseph won 2A! Although I would have LOVED to see Patrick win 3A…and for Ben to place higher. But congrats to the guys who won 3A and 4A!

Congrats to Gentry on 1A! It’s finally his time…

Congrats to Alex Hattori on 3a, he beat out Patrick Borgerding, not bad… Can’t wait to watch both of them

MAD PROPS TO JAKE FOR BEATING OUT TYLER IN 5A! AWESOME DUDE! Also nice to see Josh in 4th behind the big 3 that specialize in 5a.

Congrats to Joseph and Ian as well for taking 2a and 4a, can’t wait to watch everyone!

I watched all of the first place freestyles! Super epic! I would have appreciated some more bangers though…LOL.

You know, I never actually expected Gentry to win… but congrats to him now that he’s done so.

What I’m more excited about is Jake Elliot winning 5a. That guy is AMAZING to watch live, and I can’t wait to see the video of his performance.

Thanks guys! I worked unbelievably hard for this. I still don’t feel I deserve it haha.

Thanks again for all the support guys! I’m glad you liked my freestyle!

Edit: and yes, nationals was my 3rd contest.



You deserved it bro!!! What yoyo’s were you using up there?