Serious competitors for Worlds 2013?

Door’s wide open this year in the 1A draw. Going to back Chia on this one. He pulls off crazy stuff at high speeds. If he can get a clean performance, he’s going to be tough to beat. Janos continues to blow my mind with his tricks. Witchcraft, I tell you!


Jensen said on YoYo Radio that he wants to take it. So I see him winning


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I forgot about Janos. His Eiffel Tower and star lacerations are incredible.

Didn’t Shinya Kido destroy japan nats this year?

It was just central Japan regionals, J-Nats are later this year.

I don’t think He’ll win.

I think that Marcus Koh has a good chance of taking it again.

2A is probably Shu takada.

3A. I’m Hoping Kentaro Kimura will come back. :frowning:

4A Please let Ben Conde take it this year!!

5A Takuma. He must win this year.

Yeah, Japan Nats isn’t until June, but I think Shinya’s regional freestyle was the best I’ve ever seen from him.

Tatsuya Fujisaka and Janos have had my favourite freestyles I’ve seen so far this year. I think those two along with Chris Chia might have the best chance in 1A of anyone who hasn’t already won (assuming they attend).

Whats his face, Shinji Saito (spelled correctly?) has won the most anyone has won, I think he was won 10+ 2a worlds titles?

He now focus much more on 1A and Jubeat :slight_smile: I dont think he will go after 3A title.

I’m hoping Luis Enrique will win this year, after winning clash 44.

SR and Zen said every thing I wanted to.

haha I was just speaking for you :wink:

Jensen might be fooling us and have an amazing freestyle prepared for worlds

Gentry has been stepping up his game lately

Gormley is also a contender

And Janos’s style is PURDY :slight_smile:

Zach, Charles, Alexis JV (really happy he’s seeded this year), Janos (him too), Shinji, Sebby, Kohta, and Takeshi are all people I see competing really hard this year in 1a.

I would love to see Tomas, Hidemasa Semba, and Jensen make it though, I just don’t see it happening for some reason.

For 1A, there are plenty of players out there who can win, such as Chia, Jensen, Marcus Koh, Zach Gormley, Gentry, and possibly Alexis JV.
2A, idk now that Shinji is out, probably Shu Takada
3A, Hank Freeman definitely
4A, is Rei Iwakura competing this year? I loved his routine last year. Conde has a chance.
and Takeshi is going to crush 5A this year, I don’t see Takuma beating him.

Hiroyasu Ishihara (I know his name now) got robbed last year. That was my favorite worlds freestyle that year.

If I had to bet some money on this I would say Zach Gormley. I really hope Janos can pull off another title, though. I bet he’s got some crazy stuff up his sleeve.

1A: Peter Pong Si Yee will probably take it if he can hit a clean freestyle. Christopher Chia, Marcus Koh, and Gentry Stein also have a good shot at winning. Shinya Kido also appears to be on the rise again and has looked really good so far. Tatsuya Fujisaka also had a really good routine, along with Shinji Saito. I personally don’t think Jensen Kimmitt can win Worlds with his current style, but if he mixed it with his 2009-10 style/combos and hit his routine relatively cleanly he would most likely win. Also Harold Owens III and Luis Enrique could always pull a wild card and take it.

2A: No idea.

3A: Hank Freeman.

4A: Hopefully Bryan Figueroa. In my opinion, he deserved the win last year.

5A: Takuma Inoue. He lost by like 0.25 of a point and somebody really needs to dethrone Matsuura (at least I think so).

Watch Andre start competing again and win worlds…