2011 Worlds Picks

So who are your picks for worlds? Its a bit early, but still. Who do you want to win? Who do you think will win? Here are mine:

1A: Ryota Ogi
2A: Yasushi Furukawa
3A: Hank Freeman
4A: Lim Aik Hwee
5A: Josh Yee
AP: Rei Iwakura

1A: Jensen Kimmitt
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: Rei Iwakura
5A: Tyler Severance
AP: John Ando/Shaqler

1a jensen kimmit
2a patrick mitchell
3a patrick boegarding
4a have no idea
5a tyler severance (hot)

If RyotaOgi is there, he WILL win.

1a: Tough one with many top notch players stepping their game up. Christopher Chia will be tough to beat, but it is not impossible (as proved by Marcus Koh in WCT) Jensen has a unique style that scores well, Mickey can always bring his game to worlds, Paul Kerbel is wayy better than people think, Yuuki is always in the mix, Gentry is going, as proved by worlds in the past its really anybody’s game. It really depends on who hits their freestyle cleanest, always a tough one.

2a: There are definantly many contenders for this division as well. Shinji is the obvious choice, but who knows if he will be at worlds. Yasushi Furukawa is soo technical, but his unoriginal wrap style may haunt him if Shinji shows up. Joesph Harris is consistant, something many 2a players lack, and Grant Johnson can always put on a show for the judges.

3a: KENTARO!!! IF he is there he will win. Otherwise, Minato Furuta looks like a serious contender

4a: Japan Nats Winner. I totally forgot his name but his style scores so well. Fluid and smooth too.

5a: Hard to say with some seriously game changeing 5a showing up. If Sterling Goes clean and puts on a show, he has the tricks to win. lil Takeshi is tough to go through, but is not impossible to beat. the 2009 worlds winner is really good. With a Japan nats win he should be an obvious favorite of many top notch players. Tyler definantly has the tricks an ability to take home the gold, but only if he is clean and has a preformance similar to his 2009 worlds preformance. Miggy is always in the mix with some of the best tricks in 5a.

In the end this whole argument comes down to consistancy. The players technical ability is similar, and its just a matter of who goes clean and who doesnt.

I just want Yuuki to win. Honestly, he has gotten 2nd place too many times.

4A:Ben Conde

Yuuki has won worlds twice but has only gotten second at worlds once. =)

1a:John ando(that will never happenO)
3a ben conde

mickey has gotten 2nd 4 years in a row. that must be annoying. i want to see him win

John Ando won in 2008…its totally possible. He has the style for sure.

And Ben Conde doesn’t even do 3a lol

think & know - ricks937, no. 1 for awesomeness…



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He’s won three times. How many times does one person need to win worlds?

Also take in consideration that he’s been placing in top three for more than 8 years (2002 freestyle, way different than he is now). Mickey is a player that reuses tricks for his freestyle. He may be making new tricks and displaying them but at worlds he seems to play it safe with old tricks. Judges must give him those points or else be deemed unfair. If Mickey pulls together everything he learned in the past eight years, he can finally start another streak starting with 2011.

Jensen Kimmitt not only has the tricks but also has the entertainment. Recently, he seems to be stuck in a player’s block. Jensen has flow, tech, simplicity, and most of all… a beard (face it, those tricks don’t win titles; the beard does all the work)…jk. It’s pretty unsure whether he will be competing this year. If I recall, he described his 2010 journey as

I went to YoYoFactory with self-promotion in mind. I knew that making the switch from CLYW to YYF would make a big splash for 2010 and I needed all the help I could get if I was going to win worlds. In the end, YoYoFactory did a great job promoting me, but I was starting to feel detached from the fun of just yo-yoing. I got caught up in winning contests and looking cool or something. That’s not me. I’m just a guy who likes to yo-yo and make people laugh. So, I’m gonna go do that.

  • Jensen

By the sound of this, he’s satisfied with his title from last year and if he does compete, it will be just like Yuuki’s 2010, putting up a show for the crowd and having fun. Jensen is a wild card so to speak.

Christopher Chia beat Mickey at the Asia Pacific, a contest Mickey usually dominates. He’s tough to beat with his sideways style behind the back, style that will impress the judges.

Luo Yi Cheng is just one clean freestyle from possibly taking a title.

Paul Kerbel is better than people take him. He just needs to keep a cool nerve on stage.

Gentry Stein is one of this year’s players that has been ripping it up in the west coast. It’s no doubt that he’ll do well in Nationals. Worlds? He’s also a wild card.

World’s 1A is a very unpredictable division. I remember when I was watching worlds 2009 and I was quite surprised that Shinya Kido took the title. He’s placed at around the 8th area for the past few years before that. This year’s talent is very tightly packed and the competition is tough. It comes down to who has the nerves, who gets that clean freestyle they desire, and who has the best preparation mentally and physically.

Expect a very close year at worlds.

~Spin On!

ment 4a my bad cause have u seen his ecc its amazing

I’m sure Matsuura will do what it takes to get 5A gold, specially with his signature throw making the buzz right now already
not a fan of severance


1a:hiruki suski, yukki spencer, augie,jesen,gentry
2a:shinsi satio
4a:bryan figiura,ben conde, ohn nuram
5a:jayyo, tyler, takeshi mattsuru, sterling quinn, miggy
sorry the names are hard to spell

He’s won three times. How many times does one person need to win worlds?
18 lol

When you see how unpredictable and inconsistent other 1A players have been at placing top 3, makes you realise just how awesome Mickey really is…

Still holding out for Luo Yi Cheng though - just one clean routine and he could have it!

1A: Christopher Chia
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Kentaro
4A: Rei Iwakura
5A: Tyler Severance! You can win this Tyler, haha

^ i think the same as above…

except 4a- kazuaki sugimura