Everyone is Gearing Up For Worlds

So, All the pros are getting ready for Worlds and we all have our person to cheer on! Now Here’s a question:

“Which Team do you think will take it? Remember, I’m asking for the company or Team, not the Player.”

I’d say YYF.

I say Random.

Happy Throwing! =]


YYF All the way!!!


CLYW for 1a, YYF for 5a

Actually…I think YYF might take 1a as well. Depends on whether or not Yuuki decides to bring his A-Game.

Well… Both Yuuki and Ando are competing in 1a, so there is a good chance either one of them could take it (although I’m very (almost 100%) that Yuuki will PWN everyone)

So here we go…

1a- YYF because of either Yuuki Spencer or John Ando
2a- YYF because of Shinji Saito
3a- YYF because of Kentaro Kimura
4a- Duncan because of Lim Aik Hwee
5a- YYF because of Tyler Severence, Miguel Corea, or Sterling Quinn

I’m saying YYJ for 5A and 1A.

Yuuki is gonna be really good, but Mickey has also improved alot. He probably has even better tricks than we already saw at Jpn Nats.

Takeshi Matsuura for 5A. Who knows, he might pwn everyone again ;D

I’m pretty sure lil’ Takeshi isn’t going.

Oh, why not? ???

No idea.

He’s so awesome though! :o

It says on yyfcountdown.com That Takeshi Matsuura isn’t expected to defend his title.

Our Pipsqueak Champion is not expected to show up. Maybe he’ll surprise the YYF Team and Sit Tall above everyone else on his Teammates shoulder.

BTW: I have high hopes for CLYW, this is their Second Year of Competing at worlds (I think), SO they’re not being expected to place high so less pressure and more A-Game!

1A-YYJ bacause of Mickey…YYF because of John Ando or Yuuki Spencer…CLYW because of Jensen Kimmit
2A-YYF because of Shinji Saito
3A-YYF’s Kentaro Kimura will own
4A-YYJ because of John Narum
5A-YYF because of Tyler Severance

What about Miguel Correa? He’s a great 5A player, so its between Tyler and Miguel…

Happy Throwing! =]

In my opinion, Tyler owns.

What team is Jensen Kemmit on? CLYW, YYF, One Drop? I’m pretty sure it’s one of those.


CLYW or YYF. Although YYF is more popular.