Best Contest Team

Title just about says it all.
What is the best contest team?

YoyoFactory is the best team to win contests

Not anymore. They lost Yuuki, Augie, Jensen, and a few others the past couple of years. I’d say a more accurate assessment is CLYW. Hats off to them, they’ve been getting alot of titles recently. YoYoFactory is still undeniably good (see wat i did thar) and still wins lots of contests. But, I’d say recently, CLYW has the Best Contest Team.

CLYW is definitely not the best contest team…the only ones on the team that win and place high im contest are Zach (barely), alex (rarely), Petr (whom I love), adam (barely), and andrew just joined. YYF is and will be the best CONTEST team. They aren’t my favorite team but the are def the best team for contest. The ysually dominate all contests around the world. YYF arr the Yankees of the yoyo world. They will always be good no matter who leaves the team and continue to pick up the best players.

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YYF I think will always have the most players in the finals for any competition

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Once I rack up more players, the BYYS Competition Team will be the best!! Haha, jk.

BTW, to those who are concerned, shirts are coming. I need to have a meeting at the printing place, I will probably do it Wednesday, they’ve been taking forever to get back to me.

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I don’t know but I think YYJ might be catching up to YYF with Tessa piccollo on there team.

Yoyojam has the best contest team currently. However, Clyw is catching up. Zach, Petr, Andrew maider, kurti hopefully is going to join soon. Look out for em

I think CLYW is good for 1A, YYJ for 2A and 4A, Duncan for 3A, and YYF for 5A
EDIT: I forgot Hank Freeman left Duncan, so I don’t know about 3A

YYF has the best 5a team no question!

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I’m not saying that YYF doesn’t have a good contest team, but I think the reason that they have so many people in the finals is because their team is absolutely huge. Just my opinion.

If CLYW could have such a big team, they would dominate.

Hank freeman left duncan?

Yuuki Spencer and Augie Fash not in the team anymore?

enlighten me pls with more details. Thanks

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So to me it seems like yyf has the best contest team, butttttt
clyw could definitely take over that position. They have some great players that could potentially win a wyyc like Zach Gormely who won nats.
Also something could potentially be amazing if they get more members. They already have Hiroyuki Suzuki and Christopher Chia.
Please Correct me on any mistakes I made matching people with their sponsors!

Where did Augie go? I thought he was still with YYF? God Bless - Moefv

He left a month or two ago. Currently unsponsored, I believe.

Zach won nats, what are you talking about?

I have to say YYJ is the best right now, but I love to say this, CLYW is catching up…

Err Suzuki is doing his own thing with his own company not under YYJ

And Chia is with yoyo recreation

Hiroyuki Suzuki is with his own company, YoyoAddict and running a brand called sOMEThING

Christopher Chia is with sOMEThING after #44CLASH.