Best contest team

Who do you think has the best contest team. Me? Yoyofactory and yoyojam. ;D

Well I think Yoyojam because it has many talented players all around the world. another reason is that i don’t know many other teams ;D

One Drop added ;D

Well I like yoyojam,CLYW,And YoyoFactory a whole bunch.
But the team that has the most players make it to the finals is CLYW they are real good.


i went yyf and spyy for 5a ;D

YYF and CLYW!!

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Can you add a remove vote button? I accidentely voted YoYoJam. :-\

But YoYoFactory kills all.

YYF is really good, but CLYW had more people in the finals this year.

YoYoFactory and CLYW.

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You can have two votes, you know, but if i you want i can add a remove button, though i don’t know how.

YoYoFactory has something close to the ‘best’ team. My favorite player is on One Drop. And SPYY has the most awesome team by far.

But then YYF did actually win two titles.

YYF and CLYW are probably the best but other teams has good players too.

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Yuuki, Ando, Kentaro, Augie, Miggy, Tyler…yeah…domination

Mark Montgomery FTW too.

Just wondering, are you asking so you could join that team? ???

not at all, i am so not pro yet, i am still working on ladder escape.

Add 44:recreation to the list. They got 6th to 3rd place in Japan nats. as well as winning Worlds.

44:recreation added

yyf and clyw

honestly I could not choose just two.


I could choose 3 though!