Favorite Brand???


Mine is YYJ.

(JM) #2

YYF is butter smooth.


CLYW has soul.


And has wonderful customer service.

(JonasK) #5

We had a thread like this not too long ago. I’ll just quote what I said:

Now as I read back on this, I find that I only talked about the yoyos of the brands (which was the purpose with the other thread). Now every single companies has different ways to operate, but as I have never stumbled over anything really bad myself, I’ll just keep on buying yoyos instead of companies.

Addment: I don’t see why one would buy a yoyo just because it’s made by the company who made your favorite.

Snaddment: Come on! I have to press that button three times because you guys post that close to eachother.


YYF has good products for a good price.


Close race between YYF and CLYW


Right now…

YYJ or (Weirdly enough) Duncan.


Big Brother Yo-Yos


yyj for me, but yyf is a close second.

(SR) #11

Yeah, they are really nice.

(SR) #12
  1. YoYoFactory
  2. YoYoJam

Haven’t tried a CLYW yet, but I hope to soon.

(Johnny T) #13

YoYoFactory. The best metals I ever tried! :slight_smile:

(SR) #14

Amen, brother!

(TheBlackStar) #15

Mine is One Drop, but from your list it’s YYJ.


Duncan FHZ’s are the best!

(Jeromy K.) #17


(TechyThrower92) #18

Mine is YYJ. Their yoyos are more affordable(to me). If YYF wasnt that expensive, then yeah it would be my favorite. But don’t get me wrong YYF yoyos are AMAZING :o


And it goes a little something like this.

  1. CLYW
  2. Werrd
  3. YYF


Do you have any Werrds?

Just asking, I’ve never seen you talk about Werrd