Favorite Brand???

Mine is YYJ.

YYF is butter smooth.

CLYW has soul.

And has wonderful customer service.

We had a thread like this not too long ago. I’ll just quote what I said:

Now as I read back on this, I find that I only talked about the yoyos of the brands (which was the purpose with the other thread). Now every single companies has different ways to operate, but as I have never stumbled over anything really bad myself, I’ll just keep on buying yoyos instead of companies.

Addment: I don’t see why one would buy a yoyo just because it’s made by the company who made your favorite.

Snaddment: Come on! I have to press that button three times because you guys post that close to eachother.

YYF has good products for a good price.

Close race between YYF and CLYW

Right now…

YYJ or (Weirdly enough) Duncan.

Big Brother Yo-Yos

yyj for me, but yyf is a close second.

Yeah, they are really nice.

  1. YoYoFactory
  2. YoYoJam

Haven’t tried a CLYW yet, but I hope to soon.

YoYoFactory. The best metals I ever tried! :slight_smile:

Amen, brother!

Mine is One Drop, but from your list it’s YYJ.

Duncan FHZ’s are the best!


Mine is YYJ. Their yoyos are more affordable(to me). If YYF wasnt that expensive, then yeah it would be my favorite. But don’t get me wrong YYF yoyos are AMAZING :o

And it goes a little something like this.

  1. CLYW
  2. Werrd
  3. YYF

Do you have any Werrds?

Just asking, I’ve never seen you talk about Werrd