Which Yo-Yo Brand is Better

I know, I was stating my opinion.
Although YYF is getting kinda close.

I would say YYF.

With the SuperStar?

Whats clyw stand for

caribou lodge yoyo works

CLYW is far from being the ‘better’ company out there. CLYW does sell a lot, but there’s not that much variety in their current products. Which is, by the way, the reason I’m not getting why people are collecting several Peaks instead of having one or two Peaks and a lot of other good yoyos. But that is a completely different matter that shall not be discussed at this particular moment (this means please don’t bring up a debate on this).

YoYoFactory or YoYoJam are in my opinion the only two companies out there which can fight for the title. Both of them have models fitting for the new thrower or the advanced player (World Champion as well). They are also known to have customer service which holds a required level.

There are differences in these companies though. YoYoJam’s line of yoyos is almost entirely based on signature models designed for their team members.

While YoYoFactory does make beginner models, they are known for their precise machined metal yoyos. And while YoYoJam is not known for their metal yoyos (they do have them and they play good), they are known for their metal-rimmed yoyos. They have and endless line of nice playing metal-rimmed yoyos which play exceptionally well for the price. And who hasn’t owned a 14 dollar YoYoJam plastic?

So the decision is pretty tough between these two companies. But in the end, I will say that they fill each other out perfectly. YoYoJam’s line of metal-rimmed yoyos can fill out the void in any company’s line. And YoYoFactory’s great extensive line of well playing metals can fill out the holes, YoYoJam’s two full-metal models can’t.

Addment: No other company can offer as much as these two.


So agreed.

Well, maybe its just because I think CLYWs are perfect for me.
Maybe not you, but ME.


I can’t decide between YYJ and YYF. :frowning:

Bravo Phenix. Bravo

If you are a player who wants EXTREMLY high end, and high preformance yoyo go with YYF, because they DO have beginer yoyos they have a “reputation” for there metals.( in my opinion)

The YYJ company is very “well rounded” in their products. They have a series of beginner, intermediate, and advanced yoyos, and as Pheenix (my new hero) said earlier YYJ is know for its metal ringed yoyos. :wink:

Hope I was helpful.

Fixed :wink:

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Haha. Altered again!

Ive owned more YYFs more than anything else but for some reason it doesnt seem to be my favorite. You’d think so right?
Im kinda undecided Atm. CLYW? OneDrop? YYF? Aaaah! So many to choose from.

General is so good, it bums me out when I get another yoyo because it is not even half as good as the awsomeness of the 5 star! lol! :smiley:

Thanks. I’m trying to use proper grammar now.

Could as well fixed the whole thing while you were at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

i think yoyofactory is the best! I have used a superstar, 888, hectic, dv888, g5, fast 201, and grind machine from them and I think there all outstanding yoyos for there price! I think second is yoyo jam, but i have not any metal yoyos from them. I have used the legacy and I think that is a good yoyo for its price, the new breed a great yoyo that can compete with some of the yoyo factory yoyos i have used. I have also used a dark magic. It was ok, but new breed is a better use of money! not going to get into other yoyo companies but caribou lodge makes some good yoyos, but I would rather get a yoyofactory!