What team do you want to be on?

I want to be on team YYF contest team.

This is a hard question. Madhouse would be Epic (see what i did there) because their throws are amazing and they are really nice people. CLYW would be amazing because they make awesome yoyos and have one of my favorite yoyo players ,Petr Kavka. STYY they make one of my favorite 3a sets and are one of the coolest companies. The yyf team would be awesome because they make everything from high quality metals to looping to offstring


None. it ruins the fun, tbh.

The team I’m currently creating.

Oooooooo… A new team!!! ;D what’s it called?

if it was still around DEATH BY YOYO… but BIG BROTHER haha

It’s one I’m forming at my school

My team Team Basilisk xD

I would want to be on Team One Drop

Another huge twist from “gentrysteinrocks”.

Seriously, what will he say next?


Im too far away so i dont expect it or holding my breath but one drop or toxic

There is already a thread about this

Please no trolling the newbies.

Trolling would be saying something purposefully to get people upset and fighting; MrSquirrel was simply stating the fact that there was just recently a thread that was very similar.


My bad. I thought trolling was anything that went against the thread for no reason. Hence he just stated there was another thread as if this one shouldn’t exist. All the poster did was ask a question. Seam to me he did nothing to contribute to the conversation but rather tried to shut it down. I guess i misunderstood his post. I apologize. Maybe the mods can combine them as i did not see the other one.

there is a rule not to make a new thread when there is an active one just like it. Now if the thread is in active, then that would be fine. I don’t know if the thread is active or not though, just trying to clear things up :slight_smile:

yyj, one drop, clyw


The New York Giants.

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