what team would you choose

if you could pick any yoyo team in the world to join, what team would it be?

                        Team YoYoJam (YYJ) :):):):):)


yoyojam or yoyofactory

Team Weenieyo… Oh wait! I’m already a member!

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I would never join a team.

tach-yo. wait, im already there :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh boy, yet another type of sponsor by threads…

I’m with him

YoYoJam. :wink:

My Team?


As much as I thnk being sponsored is cool and all that, I think I would rather start my own team at some point. Haha.


I’ll just make my own, I don’t like the idea of someone “owning” me and representing something that’s someone else than me does (not up to this point). I can be a supporter and I’m trying to be, but to me, I just don’t see the point of being part of any team.

I can afford my own throws AND I get free ones every now and then, and I don’t even play well

Being on a team is a lot of responsibility and it surely involves compromises that I don’t think I would be willing to make anymore.

That being said, I’m not sure that many people really understand what it means to be on a pro team, representing a brand. Specially all the kids daydreaming about “I wanna be on team YYF”, YYF are no jokers, they are as pro as it gets, and “pro” in “hard working, dedicated, well organised, well prepared” and in general, not only in yoyoing.

People see the cool videos, some sort of “fame” acquired by those who are “on a team”, the imagine free yoyos and whatnot, just like a little girl wants to be brittney spears, thinking it’s all rainbows, unicorns and perks all over the place.

Now I’m no expert in this world, but as I see it, the mere fact of posting such a thread proves but one thing, you might not have the maturity to be on a team. I’m not saying that you never will, actually I might be wrong, some people are not comfortable with the internet, let alone the forums.

Look at it this way, even Jensen Kimmit couldn’t bare to be “the” Jensen Kimmit" anymore at some point. And I’m pretty sure he is a standup guy, mature, who has seen his share of life before even thinking of going there.

I’ve met a few sponsored players and they all have this maturity, they are not only skilled in yoyoing, but also in relations and interactions with other people, they are pros who represent a brand, which involves a whole lot more than just being able to throw fast combos, and to be honest, and as far and little as I know, I don’t imagine the reward being worth the work and dedication.

This is probably why people say “be on a team that you love”, you probably need that extra motivation to keep you going every now and then.

man, I wrote a book again

if I’m wrong, let me know

I’m with hadoq. I feel like it would make yoyoing more of a job and something I had to do and keep learning the tricks and keep up with the new stuff. I don’t know if I’m the only one that finds things a lot less fun if you have to do it…

P.S. I think about rainbows and unicorns all the time now…

Probably YYF, not (just) because I like there throws, but the other guys are pretty chill. I understand what hadoq is saying, I agree with some of it, but I would think the perks are pretty good. I’m not saying I would like that to be my primary source of income though. Yeah, that almost made sense

it’s a good read, like usual.

i think people (adults and kids included) should first understand whats gives and whats take from being a team member.
after that, it’s all good.

i want any team, i feel great if i throw among friends and people.
DTI, Hspin, IKYO…


yeah, tell me that

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