a number of persons forming one of the sides in a game or contest: a football team.
a number of persons associated in some joint action: a team of advisers.

Hello YoYoExperts!
It’s your good friend Q again with another one of my views inside of yoyoing. Teams.
Some people will get mad about this, and they are probably the people who will benifit most from reading this.

But before I start, I must say that this is not me trying to pick on anyone, it’s just what I see going on.
Also, before I start, I would like to say, that in my mind, there is a huge difference in being on a sponsored team such as General-Yo or YYF, and a forum team based around somebody who makes 50 strings every month.

Now that that’s out of the way.
Alright. Since I started on these forums and in yoyoing, I have seen a great increase in people wanting to start “Teams”. Whether it be for their products or just because.

I don’t understand why this is happening. To me, yoyoing should be seen as a joint effort by everyone (The Bust a move forum game for instance), and the creation of twelve thousand different teams really impedes the sense of community. I know, that people feel closer when people are on a “team” with one another. We yoyo. Teams are for things like football, where you do have some reason to have certain people to work with, but the fact remains, that we yoyo!! It isn’t like football where if everyone goes off in a different direction, someone is going to get hurt.

We play with peices of plastic tied to our fingers, and having to have a team fior something as ridiculous as that is…well ridiculous.

I want to say two things before I go.

  1. I am not against the creation of “Teams” in the yoyo world. Look at Team YoYoJam and Team YoYoFactory, they are some of the best, gathered under one company. This is what I mean when I say, I’m not against the formation of teams, because they know each other. It isn’t like on the forums where the sole purpose of teams seems to be being better or having more people or better players. They get together and yoyo, and have fun with it, come up with new Ideas and share them. They don’t need team “Meetings” in a chat room, because being on a team is never important enough to ever have to have a meeting about. And this is where I have to pick on someone. All of the Members of Tema AirGlow should really be commended. Because they don’t make a big thing about it. You hardly ever see anything about team Airglow in the boards. They have it figured out.

  2. Yeah. I know I sound like a hypocrit. Because I do belong to The DTI Company “Team”. But that is because I LOVE what Mike stands for, and I love the company. And I’d stand by it, even if he decided to kick me off one day. Mike has really helped me become the yoyoer that I am today, and I wish I could find a way to pay him backl for the oppurtunites that he has opened up, and repping DTI is the way that I do it. He helps me with tricks, I help him with tricks and designs. That’s what a team is, a group of people trying to move in the same direction for the same reason, and then decide to join together. Not people who join together and then decide to move in the same direction.

Oh, by the way. All this talk of teams reminds me. Me and my good friend Jacob Lindgren have been working on a little side project. It’s called Team No Phrills. It’s a team. Yeah. But no team meetings. No special yoyos. Not even t-shirts. It’s a team that flows in one direction, and still has fun with yoyoing. We don’t get caught up in who’s the best, or what trick is hot. We do our own thing. Anybody can join, as long as you can step back and laugh at yourself for yoyoing.

And this may be the best advice that I think I will ever give:

spread it, teach it, give it away.

But never sell out for any company. Ever.

That’s all I have to say about that,



Forest Gump status. And I’m pretty sure they make teams for fun, nothing else to it.

Not to be rude but i totally think this is wack.

1.People create teams so they can have fun with there friends

2.Teams are important to some people and they can have meetings in the chat room

3.Teams promote thier products,players,and skills

On my team i give away suicide string to everyone about once or twice every month if im not busy.On Buddha fusions team he is serious to make a yoyo and he even promotes James reeds string.Matt(metal man) makes whipstring and gives away some stuff he doesnt use to his players
(so im told). There are many perks of being on our teams, free stuff,Bragging rights, and much more.Some teams take it seriously so just because you dont doesnt mean you sould say that teams arent important.Note that we dont go to extreme mesures just to be on the team(in most cases) but we love our teams and some of us have to go into the chat for a meeting about whats going on,perks,videos,ect.So yes i totally disagree with what your saying but its just our individual opinions.

                         Wyatt Roberts

I agree with this 100%. People who make/join teams just for the sake of being on a team are missing the point of teams in the first place.

May I present exibit A: Team Airglow. We are a team, yes, but we all support the product we choose to represent. We are not simply on the team just to say “ZOMG IMMA ON A TEAM!”. Plus, we meet up every month and sometimes more often to hang out and throw. We made extra effort to only contain members who are in the area, because it is rediculous for a person in say florida to be on a team with someone in california. The local-ness of the team just ensures that we actually get to do stuff together like meets and contests.

my $0.02

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On my team we all promote suicide string.On matts team they all promote whip string.On buddhas team they all promote his throw and sick string

I’m sorry, but no.
I help teach people to yoyo, that’s just what I do. I’m soon to be joining a team called Allyoyo.
The purpose of Allyoyo is to teach yoyoing to kids and adults alike, who ever’s willing to learn.
We give FREE yoyo classes every Friday, Saturday, and Monday. ANYONE can come to our classes, and learn to yoyo, teach others, and just hang out.
So yeah, I don’t yoyo for me and only me.
Sure, yoyoing just for you is fun, but after a while, yoyoing in your room by yourself, trying to become a great compitition winning yoyoer, that just gets old.

I do and always will, yoyo for others, not for myself.


I’m glad to see that you guys are discussing this.

That’s what I aim for.

And Jump, I completely agree with what you do. And teams in general are not a bad thing. But I just get annoyed with every Home Brew String maker making a team. Sure they have teams to represent, but really, it’s just to see, hey look at me, I have a team. Whoopdee do.

When I say yoyo for yourself, I mean don’t sellout to anyone. If you like a certain string, but someone else use my string and be on my team, you’ll get free string!! 99.9% of people will not weven hesitate at the thought of free string. It could’ve been worded better. And thank you for bringing it to my attention. I am all for the expansion of yoyoing.

I to try to teach people as much as I can. And for a team like AllYoyo to be around is a great thing, and a team that I put full support behind.


Yeah I agree. Some teams are seriously just a joke, but not everyone of them, don’t take it the wrong way lol

Thank you hopefully some of the clubhouse teams will see this and stop posting only (insert name here) announcements where everyone has to look at them.

This, this, this!

I grind my teeth every time I hear someone gushing over being on a team. I’m not talking about mentioning it here and there, but like seriously attention-whoring yourself out saying “Look at me! ______ String is the bestest because I’m on their team and get free stuff!!!”. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t like the product you’re behind, but just try it and truly love it before you go crazy. Even then, please don’t go crazy.

Another topic is making sure you guys are actually local. Don’t be the kid on the East inviting kids on the West. When would you guys EVER get to hang out, if ever? Teams are about being a group, not being separate and scattered about.

my $0.02 Screw it I’m up to a quarter by now

Q your words touched me

Seriously I’m not trying to be funny. You made a good point

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I’m not thinking any differently than anybody else here.

The only difference is that I say what I think.

Matt and Metal Man are two different people…

Wise words Q.
We have a team/club up here, there is nothing but a couple people meeting up and learning tricks.
No free stuff, just good company.
I think that is really how a team should be…

Um metals man name is matt

/confusion. thanks for clearing that up

Wow, your completely right Q. I never really thought about that. Crew 24/7 has not even talked to one another in a long time and I dont even know where they live. Also this is a community, so teams shouldnt keep stuff to themselves. I now realize that. I was one of those “LOOK IM ON A TEAM” kids. Now I realize what this forum is truly meant to be. Thanks Q.

There’s more than one person in the world named Matt.

Yeah. There are 2.


3! My brother’s a matt