New team: Metal Aurora (formerly PM) LF: Sponsors, competitors, junior members

How this will work is the team will be set into 3 portions: Competition team, 5 people hand picked by me, 1 for each style. You do not necessarily have to be pro to be in the comp team, I am looking for potential as well as talent. There will also be a junior team, this team fills in for the competitors during times of need. I do not know how many will be in the junior team, it depends on the number of requests I get. Speaking of requests, If you are interested in joining the team, please shoot me up a pm at:
my pm box

Please include a 1 throw video and a little about yourself

I am also on the lookout for sponsors of this team. I am looking for a modder who can dye/silicone recess plastics (possibly Mr Franke) A custom string producer (possibly buddy jim) And a cheap yoyo producer (possibly paul yath)

I willl try my best to get the Comp players custom yoyos from paul,but please be prepared to pay for the delrin. I personally have a design in my mind for a 1a yoyo called the kung-fu.

and of course, all members/sponsors get a custom signature :slight_smile:

ok, since there has been a lot of 1throw videos around here that dont impress me, or do impress me, but not enough, here are some guidelines on what I look for:

From most to least important:
-originality/forum friendliness
I am looking for people who do things I have never seen before and those who have a good reputation on the forums

I am looking for someone who is comfortable with their tricks enough to do them with little to no delay between transitions

-string hits, body tricks, difficulty
Self explanatory, these are 3 key elements in a competition performance

Comp team: 4 slots left
Mista8eight8 (Bug Mika)5a
Andrew202 (Andrew)1a

Jr members- unknown slots left

Great idea.
True that most throw these day made of metal, but plastic has it’s own place IMO, some of them are just great.
i happen to throw my kickside and speed maker more these day.

I would really like to join this team but I don’t think I am good enough to be on the team. If by “Competitor” you mean people who compete at contests I don’t think I am good enough. I have only been yoyoing for 3 1/2 months

This is a great team with a good intention of bringing back the traditional yo-yoing with plastics. I would love to join but I don’t compete much due to travel, and time wise but I maybe a Junior Member. I specialize in 1A and a little 5A.

jest send me some videos :wink:

I’d love to have you on the team krisiawan

Just so you know, you spelled “Plastic Malitia” wrong. It’s Plastic Militia, I believe.

And unfortunately, I won’t be able to join the team, as I’m not good enough to compete.

So even though I’m not good enough to be on the team can I still be some kind of honerary meber supporter thing? ;D

How? I’m not that good at yoyoing.
But, i’d really love to join a team. . .
I still planing to make another vid.

Wish the best of luck for your team.

Will it be anything like the Gung-Fu?


Yes, I love the gung fu. I am just thinking of making a gung fu with spr response, maybe groved finish?

and, to all those who think they are not good enough, I am not expecting you guys to win, I am looking for people who have the potential to get in the top 30. I want this team to build a good reputation for themselves, so I am looking for friendly players, like Kris and Newbies united,

Name changed to D2M (Death To Metal)

What do you guys think of the kung-fu?
still waiting on a response from Paul…

Zippo may be joining us

i would like to join i just need to mack a vid. can we use a metal in the vid?

i would like to join and like above can we use metal in the video if not i have metal rimed which u said was ok and when does the video have to be in by

Looks like its time for me to make a vid :wink:

no deadline, yes, metals in video are allowed

Sounds like fun, but I am not so good at yoyoing and I’m not sure which contests I can go to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this team for competing in online video contests or actual contests?

any :wink:

what if someone was good enough to be on the team but couldn’t go to contests?

ok then, New team opening, video competitor: you are in charge of competeing in videos, you will however not get a custom yoyo without paying (then again, there may be circumstances where we will all have to pay)

I have decided the team colors will be white and canflon lipo green

Now I need to know if you guys prefer beadblasted acrilic, or delrin?

do you have a string maker yet?