Yoyo team?


Anyone up to the idea of starting an online based international yoyo team? Up to 5 people I was thinking. It’d be a team that would upload videos maybe once every month or two on to a Team channel. This is just an idea, so we’ll see where this leads us. It’s probably better for people with at least a few years experience with a real passion for yoyoing, who are motivated to get this going and progress with the other members. As said before there is no blueprint yet just a few penciled lines.

Tell me if you want to be part of it and send me a video showing your skill level. ( Skill level is not the main factor to a successful team. The idea is to just have fun.)

I’ll be deciding who is the first person to get in, but from then on that person will have as much of an important role as me.
Write me a motivational message through the forum stating your yoyoing history. This person will be responsible for getting the team going because I am currently on a volunteer project in India and will be for the next 6 weeks. We’ll get this started at the beginning of April.

A few things that would be cool though:

  • Someone willing to create a logo
  • The name will be decided based on a vote from all members. (I’d like this to be a democratic team, no leaders!)
  • All decisions will be made after a full group vote.
  • People who are motivated to do their best and show that they are willing to progress with the team.
  • If someone produces their own music, we’d be more than willing to help them share it in the videos.
  • Someone who is enthusiastic about editing videos

I will post any other ideas that come to mind in this thread.
This might linger for a few weeks at the beginning but as soon as I get home I will be a lot more active.


Hey it’s yoj here!
I think I’d be willing to join this team if it will happen.
How would I get the video to you?
(P.S: I have only had like 2 years or so yoyoing)


Eh, it’s been done a few times, these online yoyo clubs. I’ve probably seen atleast half a dozen come and go in the time I’ve been on the forums. I wish you luck with your endeavor though.


I’d love to join, but I’m not that good yet. I’ve been yoyoing on and off for about five months maybe? Idk lol. I’m not the best but given time I could be…


Upload the video somewhere and send me the link


So far on the team are :

  • mrtheblackho
  • yoj
  • abby1371
  • myself


Anyone else that’s interested please PM me. Thanks!


I would be interested, but I’ve only been yoing for about 7 months. I would be happy to make a logo or think of a team name. SuperYo? The SpinSquad? The Spinsters?


SpinSquad sounds really cool.


Hey when did you start moderating @mrtheblackho ?


I meant like this little page not like the whole forum. Sorry not very clear on my part.


That’s fine haha, MarHai asked me to recruit more people.


Oops double post, hey sorry for not replying, If you can send me a video I’d be more than glad to take a look. The name will be thrown around between the team members until we come up with something then a logo will be made and thrown around as well.



Maybe, I’m not the only one to decide on it though, kind of reminds me of BombSquad.


Yeah, me too.




Yeah I’m sorry for not being clear on all sides. I asked mrtheblackho to recruit another member.