Video Collabs

What video collaboration between forum members do you think MUST happen?

crocorey X yoyo143
Since they started about the same time, it would be cool to see how they have progressed

nemyo x shadowz143
Nuff said

aznnboyaZ X zigzag97
The top 2 on the over 1 year battle

Yoyoexpert X Steve Brown X caribouchris
Can’t a boy dream?

Andy569 X bcmaddog
You guys seem to be at the same level skillwise so I think it would be cool to see the varying styles developing within both of your 1A

Alex Fairhurst X Yomagic
Team DS

Some people that I think would be cool to collab with, if i had the skills-
and some others im probably not thinking of.

Bcmaddog ey? I’m on it… I’ll pm him ASAP

crococorey x yoyo143 sounds like a good one, they did start about the same time and seem to be progressing about the same pace

nemyo x shadowz 143 is a must have…

aznnboyaz x zigzag in TRIPLE A!!!

I think I started a little first, but he’s progressing quick!
Now, if only he didn’t live on the other side of the US…
Edit: it was meant to be bold, but ill keep it this way 8)

There are ways to send video clips through the Internet. And if I recall correctly Mordo also started near that time, but he doesn’t seem to be active nowadays. All that vibe talk probably caused that :stuck_out_tongue:

Elijah and Wilson would be pretty epic. Elijah is one of my favorite throwers right now.

But here.

Kulazanoodle (Steffian Mang) & Sanchez (Alex Gallimore). Now thats something we NEED to see.

This is a cool idea! I second Noonar x someone.

Also, anyone want to collab with me?

Im subbed to both and love both of their vids!!!

Sounds cool!

And about mordo…i dont think he likes me too much either way… :wink:
Vibe talk? What’s vibe? Lol just kidding!

Anyone want to do a collab with me? I can do the editing.

ill do one with you

dangit you guys:

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But you guys now have a ton of new stuff

true, i really gotta make a new video anyways cause my old stuff is ew.

Lol I suck but why not? :wink: No but really someone at why level come do a collab for my one year coming up. I’m like in between good and bad.

anyone wanna collab with me? I got better…

I’d collaborate with you if you wanted.

Let’s. Do. This.

Anyone want to collab with me? The only thing is that I may not be able to edit due to school

Elijah who? My name is Elijah…

Elijah Tan I believe. Amazing yoyoer, he is.

I’m pretty sure he was talking about me, Elijah Tan. And thanks for the kind words everyone!