Video Collabs

I just realized how many collabs I have started… Can’t wait for all of them :slight_smile:

Haha, I love how nobody cares about me doing a collab video (Not that I actually have the time for a video at the moment).

Well people typically collab with people who share the same skill level, and I don’t see you posting videos, so I don’t know where you are skill wise

Bcmaddog agreed, collab underway ;D

This is interesting.

Here guys Wanna hear my idea?
I got it from the diabolo forums.
Every year they have EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE send in 1 trick.
and they make a mass collab. and The persons name should be edited in the corner of the video, so we know who you are.
That would be Interesting :slight_smile:



Legyoyo and I are making a coolab cause were buddies!

anyone wanna colab with me link to my youtube in my signature

ERMAHGERD that would be so coooooooooooooool

this is exactly what I though when I saw the op.

That is a great idea! We seriously should! Just 1 giant collab video, and new members can see it, learn about us, and maybe we can edit the bid,and put them in it.

where am i on this list? 8)


We should have this done by new years day…

I would do it, but my editing skills are…ugh

Yea lets do it that will be way easer then making a ton of indevidual colabs should we just post a short clip that we want put in? on this thread and someone can edit it in?

Yeah! We need a pretty good editor though! Not it! Hah, im in for the vid.

If everyone can send there’s in already edited with their username and real name (if comfortable disclosing info) that would help. Then all you would have to do is put the clips back to back.

I think we should start a new thread for the giant collab… everyone sends in 10-15 sec. Of yoyoing.

I would if you wanted. I met you at Ohio States and I think we could make a pretty cool video. The quality of mine may not be too good, as I don’t have access to a camera. I can use an iPad though. PM me if you wanna set something up.

I can do it.

Yeah!! Collab powers! Though, I’m gonna have to ask you guys not to laugh TOO hard when you see my obviously I disciplined skill level…