collabs you would like to see


Are there any collabs you would love to see happen?

for me the main ones are: Clyw and string theory i gotta say a remnant with double rims and whatever finish clyw uses would be amazing.
One Drop and Ilyy i love both of these companies so putting them together would be awesome
Vsnyyc and RecRev this seems like a good pair and they could make an awesome yoyo
Vsnyyc and 3yo3 also an amazing combo and i think they woul go good together


Clyw and VsNewton

Chief x Moonwalker. The price would be insane though

(SR) #3

General Yo and CLYW. MMmmmmmmmm yummy.


Duncan and whoever. That would be awesome and would definitely be popular.

(Jei Cheetah) #5

Madhouse and King-Yo Star.

Odd combo I know, but king-yo star has the ability to make something super contest playable, and madhouse could take the king-yo influence and make it look amazing.



3yo3 with CLYW or One Drop

A Teflon Chief or Code 2 would be all of the awesome.


A monkeyfinger anno’d General Yo. That would be amazing.

(SR) #8

More. Some have been done though…
CLYW and One Drop
One Drop and General Yo
SPYY and One Drop


C3 and One Drop. Best Yoyo collab EVER!

(YoYo_Freak) #10

And C3+CLYW, which is happening.


Spyy or one drop with yyf


None. I like it when companies do it on their own.


yoyofactory and duncan (i know it will never happen)

skyline + metropolis. id call it the urban pride (skyline and metropolis, both have to do with skyscrapers, which are in urban cities) it would have the metropolis’ cool shape, and the nice undersizedness (if thats a word) and smooth and fast playingness of the skyline. id also add a really subtle hwing shape to it.


this sounds really cool i love madhouse and king yo is really cool too

im actually looking at buying an EPIC and using that as my main pocket throw


I’m not really a fan of “cross brand” models.


3yo3 and onedrop.

Delrin yoyo with side effects. Code 1, or 2 maybe. It’d be epic!


YoYoFactory and YoYoFactory.
YoYoJam and YoYoJam
Duncan and Duncan
C3 and C3

Let them do their own thing. It’s much better like that.



Magic Yoyo and God Tricks
yoyofactory and c3yoyodesign
Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works and Toxic Strings
Vs. Newton Yoyo Concepts and Recreational Revolution
SPYY and Duncan
MonkeyfingeR and TenYoYo or Spin Dynamics
Yomega and One Drop
TMBR and Tom Kuhn (lol)
YYR and TP (which will never happen)
Crucial and 3YO3
Chico YoYo Company and General-Yo
Anti-Yo and G-Squared
Rebel Yoyos and Blood Brother

Just some xP


crucial and g squared

how does this sound