One Drop x General Yo???


Does anyone know anything about a collaboration between these commpanies? I’ve seen a couple hints but nothing very solid. I personally think this collaboration would be beyond awesome ;D


Agreed, this could have great potentiality, I hope something happens!


This is the collab I have wanted for a long time. Glad to see it’s potentially happening. Anyone think something like the Majesty with S/E?


That would be awesome!


They could call it the One Star.


I think military drum themed would be good.


No! A collab between to great companies needs something new, something fresh. I hate it when a company redoes a yoyo and adds side effects when they could just make a new throw.


I agree with pineapple. I would really be disappointed if the “collaboration” was just a throw remade to take side effects.


I wasn’t meaning an exact copy, just a similar shape.





Maybe change the weight distribution, I wouldn’t mind that, but still, I’d like something new!


onedrop+general yo=awesomeness! man, that would be so cool if these two would come together and make something! I really hope this happens!


General Lodge FTW.




Sounds kinda “meh”


No offence to clyw but I think one drop would be a better collab with general yo. It would just fit better IMO.


I agree. It makes sense too since One Drop is doing the machining for CLYW as well.


Whoever does the machining has no bearing on which 2 companies would make a better collab. The point of the collab is the ideas and styles that come together during a collab.


I meant that as in One Drop is clearly doing stuff well to take on others machining. They also are pretty revolutionary. So that’s why I would prefer General Yo/One Drop. Just my opinion.