Aw yis.
My kind of collab.



Why does one drop have to be so awesome?




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I would like to see a collab where it’s not based off former yoyos. Just take Ernie and Shawn’s designing ability and smash it into one awesome yoyo.

Yeah… I wanna see something new.

I concur.

Odds are pretty good that even if they did a “mashup”, you wouldn’t know it unless they said, “Hey, we took the _____ and combined it with the _______.” People would chalk similarities up to design style.

Or from another perspective: a mashup would be the combination of their design skills… these two people would never combine things that just don’t work together. And also, a “new” design would still inevitably carry traces of their design approaches, making even a new creation a “mashup” of sorts.

My only point is: regardless of whether they overtly combine past yoyos or not, the final result will be original and awesome.

Heck, even as “clear” as the Summit’s design sources were, nobody would argue that the Summit is anything but a unique entry into the market.

To be fair, the Avalanche is one of very few CLYWs Ive never thrown, but I can say that the Summit plays NOTHING like the Cascade. Fusions typically end up nothing like the sum of their parts. And I mean I’ve never tried a H5xChief, but it seems tootally different from my Chief. So even if they do try and combine two popular yoyos, youre bound to get something exciting and new

You’re right, the H5xChief plays nothing like a Chief! Don’t know if it plays like a H5, though. :wink: Incidentally, H5xChief is one of my absolute favourite “out of the norm” throws I’ve ever tried.

I like that summary: it will typically end up nothing like the sum of its parts!

I want to talk shop and drink beer with Ernie and Shawn.

This is madness.

with their powers combined they can just look at the machines and the yoyos will make themselves

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Sorry for the misconception guys, but the Prestige is not a collab.

Awww, man! Then what is it?

No, this is SPARTA! Sorry… Someone had to say it. :smiley:

Well, that’s the most disappointing thing I’ve heard in a long time. hahaha

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Seriously James… Couldn’t let us live our fantasy…

There is a collab planned for 2014.

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