What Yo-Yo Collaboration Do You Wanna See?


Just had a thought run through my head, what if YYJ and CLYW made a BI- Metal yoyo together?

What colab would you like to see?


YYF and Onedrop to make hub stack side effects, or RecRev could do it.


General Yo and CLYW. BA Chief with GenYo finish. ;D

(SR) #4

That would be gross. And it would never happen. But still it’s gross.

General Yo and RecRev
General Yo and CLYW

YYF and YYJ would be interesting to see, but it wouldn’t ever happen.

I want to see a three way collab. Or even more… how cool would it be if a bunch of yoyo companies got together and created a yoyo. It would be the best thing ever!


My first combination of heaven has come true (CLYW x One Drop). General Yo x CLYW would be another awesome combination for sure, when smoothness meets smoothness ;D


I fail to see how that would be gross, but I do love Hubstacks and would love to have some on my YYJs ;D


A Crucial colab with anyone else and of course CLYWXGeneral yo


Hubstack side effects already exist, they’re extremely hard to find though.


DEADLY SpINS and G Squared.


C3 and yoyo officer
C3 and yoyo jam
Yyj and onedrop
Yyr and c3
Duncan and yomgea
Clyw and yyr
C3,yyr and one drop




Yoyorecreation and CLYW. Find a way to mix the Sleipnir and Chief and give it a CLYW finish.


(SR) #13

Already exists.

(Owen) #14

I’m guesssing he wants to see it happen again.


I know it wouldn’t play as good but 3yo3 x clyw, an acrylic cliff!


I hate to be the one to say it, but i don’t think that can happen. The machines 3yo3 uses doesn’t have the ability to do all the intricate work on the inside cup of the chief. It’s a one directional lathe and can’t really do curved lines inside of a cup like the chief would need.

(kclejeune) #17

If ALL the major companies join forces to make one incredibly badass yoyo.


Hehehe I am on the search.


General Yo X CLYW
General Yo X CLYW X One Drop

Ps There is already a thread like tho s;)


Duncan X YYR?