Video Collabs

So when do we need to send in the video clips? and will the colab be posted on this thread?

Y0Y0SR2PR0 and I are making one probably on October 5th, when we meet!

I would do the editing job…

I love editing… And i aint to bad at it. Im in.

Edit: hey proboscis, wanna work together?


and change of plans… We were planning on doing a collab but Bcmaddog had a blonde moment so we’re probably gonna do a battle now and do a collab later on, maybe around christmas time, should still be interesting :slight_smile:


It seems like we have editors so I think we are officially doing this

So, I’m thinking 10-15 second segments per person. I think we should make a new thread solely for it though.

Yes. The people running it should make the thread though. I think like a 3-4 week deadline would be cool and then have editing would probably be done around Thanksgiving.

Who should organize this? My first thought would go to Wilson because he introduced the idea but if he is busy, who would be a worthy candidate?

Gee, idk… maybe… YOU :smiley:

Well I’m guessing the people who volunteered to edit would be the candidates.

I call first clip :smiley:

And I’d run it… But… Kinda… Busssyyy. Sorry guys :frowning:

Like I said, I can edit. If someone makes a thread for the video clips with a limit of 10 seconds per person than I can do it. Also like I said, I use Final Cut Pro, so if some other people want to work on it too, whatever. The files are .xml. However, it would be easiest for me to edit it all because sending files around won’t work too well.,67136.0.html

for everyone that wanted it…


What if we did a big collab? With everyone?

You’re joking, right?

We have,70109.0.html

Ohhhh I remember now!