the ambassador collaboration is comming

Can’t wait :slight_smile: Love me a good collab video.
You should try and contact more ambassadors like Rhylan or Katie and get them in on the fun. Wish i could do this, but not an ambassador :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the support!

We actually had more than half of the ambassadors signed up to send us videos including team member Chun Hay Chan, but worlds had some people busy and school is starting so that’s a huge bummer on this collab. Colter kept bugging me about filming even though this was my idea haha, so with that said it’ll just be Colter and I. Maybe next time we can get more players from Yomega involved. :slight_smile:

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You should shoot Dan a message or something and get him to film some stuff the next time around. That would be pretty cool. I have seen you throw too much to be quite frank, but im pretty sure the Kerrari one throw was yours. I’ve been watching Colter’s videos for a LOOOONG time and can’t wait to see his newer stuff.

I must sound like a noob but what’s an ambassador collaboration? Im confused :stuck_out_tongue:

They are players from Yomega’s Ambassadors program

Which is?

This is a collaboration video between members of Yomerga’s Ambassadors Program domoyo (Colter Calvetti) and mrbalcktho (srry i dont remember your name)

Ahhh, ok :slight_smile:

I sure will! Dan is so awesome, I tried to get him involved but he’s just too busy living the dream so I’ll have to catch him when he’s back home. I’m excited for Colter’s part he’s still got that creativity flowing that I lost a long time ago haha.

Stanley is my name or Stan.

your welcome Stanley


Pumped for this.

We’ll try not to disappoint! :wink:


Hey guys,
his name is Stanley Swincher, if you don’t know him, you really should, puts tech to a different level in its own right. chooses not to slack. and is just amazing at sliping tricks.

i’m one of those kids that likes moves that make you go “okay… what now?” not bangers, but visual intrest.