New team: Metal Aurora (formerly PM) LF: Sponsors, competitors, junior members

What’s wrong with silicon? It’s cheaper.


Im talking what plastic the yoyo will be made of, not response :wink: But if you guys must know, its red gasket maker response.

String maker is yet to be confirmed, but I have a feeling he will say yes,

specs to be released soon, be prepared for the worst (get your checkbooks out!)

not silicone. I meant to say Celcon (the stuff the legacy and lyn fury are made of). My mistake, sorry.

i will try to read this:
and before you get sued for reusing a yoyo names, campaign names and ideas, being terribly unoriginal.

and before you get banned from YYE for lieing to a bunch of people and extorting money from team members by offering free yoyos and then telling people to pay.

and before people laugh at you when they find out you actually cant yoyo.

  1. It is called a tribute design, such as the half/half and dv888 were a tribute to the design of the buzzon dv8. Even If the kung-fu is a ripoff, I couldn’t get sued, the creator of the gung fu went missing two years ago.

  2. I personally am not distributing the yoyos, paul yath/ landon are, even If I was, am I forcing anyone here to buy one? I have no Idea if these yoyomakers will make me these 6 yoyos for free, so I am making sure the public know there is a chance the yoyos will cost money to make.

  3. is this comment made because you yourself know you cannot yoyo and you know it? So in theory, you are trying to make yourself feel better, am I correct?

go back under your bridge and walk the dog, troll, you post another negative comment on this thread and I will personally make sure you are reported



you need to mold celcon, Landon can hand make acrylic/delrin, therefore less molds=lower cost

But isn’t the Celcon material cheaper? I know that delrin is like 50 bucks for a foot long rod…

its not copywrighted, its just a saying :wink:

and Im sure hans/ben have better things to do then sue 12 year olds :smiley:

Those were done with permission.


I beleive its impossible to get permission from a missing person

trying to get my hands on a gung fu

Hey I kind of got skipped on my question. Even though I am deffinetly not good enough to be on the team, can I still be some kind of non competing member?


oh my god guys!

so its 47.50 a yoyo, whos intrested?

i do. . . . ;D

I would want one if I had the money :frowning:

Well I dont wanna be on this anymore…i hate undersized sigh

hey guys, name change, use whatever the heck you like, I’m sick of trying to find decent plastics :’(

but we’re still on for that new yoyo :wink:

new team member, please welcome, andrew


So is that delrin yoyo still being made? Cause I am maybe interested based on the specs.

How good are the people that have entered already? I need to know if I have a chance before I try to put together a video. 8)