Team Big Yoyo Strings Wants More Team Members!


Hey Everybody, Whats Happenin’?

Team Big Yoyo Strings is looking for a few more members to join our team, as currently we only have Andrew Miller.

Some requirements that you would need to fit it are as follows:
-Have been throwing atleast 1 year
-Are rather good at the trick lists
-Compete at contests, or atleast attend them
-Have a passion for yoyoing, and want to spread the word to the public

You don’t need to fit into all of those, but the more you fir into, the better of a chance you have at becoming a team member. If you’re interested in joining, please contact me via PM. I will give you all the information you would like to know there, that way this thread doesn’t become cluttered.


Bump! I’d love to see the big yoyo steam grow! It’s tons of fun everyone!



(Owen) #4

Personal messege’d




Pm’d some more.

(Owen) #7

Waitin for a Pm Back





Now I’m waiting for another PM back.


waitin to hear back

(laxdude99) #12



Waiting to here back?


Same here.



Hope I can be part of the team! God Bless - Moefv


I’m waiting to hear back as well.


Don’t worry everybody, I will try to make sure I message a response to every message messaged to me. But I do that every night, so you guys gotta wait 'till tonight. That’s why you’re waiting, you probably message me later that night or in the morning


I didn’t get one yet.


I currently DO NOT need any more submissions, as I have quite a few people to choose from