All teen yoyo crew/team.

I am putting together an all teen yoyo team and our name has still not been thought of yet. My personal favorite team/crew name is teenage trajectory but it is debatable.

Anyway to the point it’s a video tryout and there is 13 more spots left on the team. I will have an official team thread. This team will not be a “have to compete” team this team will be all about having fun. Also if you can do a team emblem please PM me, and if your interested PM me with your video and a little about yourself.

                              -thanks, Luke
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eh, i am thinking that i need something to bring me back into motivation, so i am considering joining if you would have me. you can check out my videos at and i have 2 other videos that i have not been able to upload to youtube that are more recent than 1 year.

i am more of a intermediate player and i am looking for some more motivation torwards yoyoing. this is my first year of hardcore yoyoing, and i have no videos

dude this sounds awesome, i’ve been competively yoyoing for 2 years and this sounds really cool. i’ll send you my routine in a few days.

I’d love to join, but I have no camcorder. I learn new tricks really fast and just need someone to introduce me a new trick!! I have always dreamed of being on a team. The name teen trajectory sounds really cool. What will you do when people in your team hit 20 or so?

does 12 yrs old count lol?

more of an intermediate player also, not quite teen. :slight_smile:

i’m on a guest comp. now, once i get on a good one I can get a sick logo for you!!! what colors would you like the team to be? i.e. yyj=green/purple…

So are you giving up on a team?