Yoyo team. check if you wanna join it.

hey i’m starting a yoyo team called United throwers. PM me if you are interested i need a tryout I want to make signature yoyos (i have the abilaty of mass producing them) i would like to make team shirts and have a competition team. (PM me if you are going to PNWR or MWR or MER)

Just heads up but you can’t really make a yoyo just like that, well you can but your first try will probably have some vibe or some other problems, prototyping is necesary. I’m sorry I you already knew this and it is just warning.

But man how cool would it be to have a sig throw.

Another wannabe team that will probably die in weeks.

I agree, my team,team spinfreaks, died off in about a month or so. Listen dude, quit while you’re ahead. You’re just going to get disappointed in the long run. If you’re making a signature throw, however, send me a PM and we can talk. I have some designs that would work wonderfully.

Yeah, change it to a company that has a team.

Guys, look. We all want to say that this team will fail, because the statistics of its likely hood for it to last for a while are low. But really. Why must we jump the gun and say he will fail with a team. Let someone dream for once. I mean really, lighten up.



You know, this team might turn out very well, like Team Yoyojam or Team Yoyofactory. Who am I kidding? This team will never become serious. Dreams die, get over it. But did you enjoy that 5 seconds of happiness and hope?

exactly, mine as well close the thread.
Truth hurts sometimes, but it is what it is.

Guys stop! We wonder why people are leaving these forums. How many members have you seen with more then 100 posts? I wonder why? I know it is unlikely that this team will last but who knows?


Nobody nailed it.

If you guys want to be blunt, go ahead. Be sarcastic, go right ahead. I really do wonder why we are losing members, maybe this is why. We don’t give that nice warm welcome into the community anymore. What happened. Care for some input, Jayyo. You seem to have a good understanding and opinion on this…

Just remember, everything starts with a dream. Sometimes you have to take the risk.

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hey, I wouldn’t be so negative. Even if it has vibr, id love a signature throw. That would be sick.

They told Steve Jobs he was going to fail too!

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Well I guess it doesn’t matter if I think this team will suceed. What matters is that someone is able to dream and is pursuing it! Never listen to the nay sayers just figure out how to make it happen and if you fall short you tried! When you try you learn, gain experience, and never have to wonder “what if.” There are worse things than failure like the fear of failure. It’s so dehabilating.

The world needs dreamers


Don’t forget Gretzki.

Just sayin what we see over…and over…and over…again…


Trying never hurt anybody.

Go for it if you can.

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The team I work for has been active for around a year or so now(yoyoastro). It’s still growing but we won’t be making sigs any time soon.

The core of all companies is money.

A team is just a team. When a team’s members are far away from each other, there’s gonna be distance, when there’s distance between team members then the team is doomed.

However…when there’s money, everyone is bound to it and that’s that.

It does when you waste money trying.

Josh, don’t turn into another Steve Brown moderator.

I see no problem with this kid wanting to have a yoyo team, and if he can make yoyos let him go for it. If he messes up, let him learn. But you have ZERO right to just come in and stomping up and down what he wants to do.