The team of the future.


What team of yoyoers do you think is the “team of the future?” Not necessarily the best right now, but could be soon. This may surprise you, but I think it may be Team Yoyojam. Their players have been releasing some videos with truly amazing, next level tricks. Who do you think is the “team of the future?”


I think it’s CLYW Zach,Jensen, Charles,Michael, Andrew and Chase are all so innovative releasing great video after great video, placing high in contest, and now think about this. Harrison Lee. In the next couple year he’ll be the best player in the world he’s just so just so fun to watch just imagine him two maybe three years from now.


C3YoyoDesign. They’re going to own.


Mickey’s recruited some pretty talented youngsters for sOMEThING. Kazuya’s already pretty good and he’s only six!



Lol they arent exactly upcoming. They’ve been placing high as of recent.


Just checked him out… Heck, he’s way better than me and heis under half my age… Im jealous :o


That means there upcoming. A team that’s been placing high in contest for years isn’t upcoming they are the best. A team that has the potential to place high in contest for the next couple years is upcoming.

Like the Miami Heat are the best (or one of)because they have been to the finals 3 straight years and the Warriors are upcoming because they did good this year and can only get better.


he is so good for his age but does anyone know how long he has been throwing i mean he could have been throwing for 2 years but his skills are great for his age but hey i like judging people on amount of time a week yoyoing and how long somebody has been yoyoing who knows he could be practicing 6 hours a day


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But its not just this year…

(SR) #15

C3 for sure.

CLYW is almost already there. Just gotta get Yuuki on there.


C3 without a doubt. They’re loaded with young talent and have augie fash


Yep, C3. They got some really talented players recently (augie fash!) :o


C3 has gotten larger in the past year, they will do great in the upcoming contests.
I also feel that YYJ will do good this year.


My exact thoughts. Mickey’s got some really young talent. CLYW doesn’t have it, not sure why so many people think they do. They have some great personalities, and some innovative throwers, but that alone doesn’t win contests, and honestly i don’t think CLYW care. They’re more than happy with the community and brand they’ve built, they don’t need those high placings to prove anything, whereas in Japan contests are much more of a big deal.

Also Janos won EYYC and Duncan’s been doing some amazing stuff lately, so they’re definitely one to keep an eye on.

As for Harrison Lee, just no, not sure what people see in that kid. Nothing against him of course, i just don’t think he’s some burgeoning talent like some people do. Just watch this to see some proper young talent:


YYF has a Protegé team that’s interesting.