see the future


the title of this thread says it all, see the future.
So far in 2013 one drop and CLYW have dominated this year.They are very popular right now because of their great throws and the summit,and their new up coming plastic yoyos (the rally and the yeti.)
IMO I think C3 yoyodesign will very soon become popular as well.yoyofactory has settled down a little now.
I even think yoyojam is going to become more popular than it ever was before because of there cool new plastics they’ve come up with and there good yoyoers that they have.
I feel as if I can see or predict the future of the yoyoing community of what it will become and I think it’s going to be awesome,fun,interesting,new,etc…
has anyone thought about this before or agree or disagree to what I think about the future of yoyoing?

this is something extra to the topic but I thought what if yoyofactory started a new line or set of yoyos for the near future,to sell new remakes of their popular yoyos that they have right now like the genesis,protostar,supernova,superstar,popstar,grind machine,etc… and have a final sell on the ones they have now and discontinue them and start a new set.They can still keep some of them, but start making new yoyos for the future and have a new logo or a new t-shirt or somthing :slight_smile:
has anyone thought of anything I’ve said in this thread?Do you agree or disagree on anything here?
Write what you think or anything you might have different thoughts to my ideas. :slight_smile:


Wait… clyw is making a plastic??? Now I don’t know if I’ll get the rally or the yeti


I hear it gets hot under rocks this time of year…


They are re-releasing a new Supernova, Genesis, and Superstar, all planned to release in July/August

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YYF has not settled down at all. If you keep up to date on their facebook page you will see that they do a lot of tours and demos. They are just trying to introduce new people into the hobby rather than cater to people who are already here. Companies like CLYW and OD do that.

In fact, the hype CLYW is generating now is very similar to the hype YYF had back in '06 and '07. So in the coming years I see CLYW becoming a lot like YYF is now. They’re going to have to get some world champions under their belt first, though. Maybe Zach can bring the title to them.


I know about yoyofactory’s page on facebook.I keep up on there stuff but they haven’t made too many high end throws like CLYW and OD but they are like you said introducing new people to yoyoing.


A human :wink:


I love how when you guys talk about the future of yoyoing you just talk about brands… :wink:

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Non brand-wise, I think were going to see a revisit of old school styles and more people spending time with wood and responsive play. I think its already starting with new yoyo’s like walter and with alot of the great wood clips that we’ve seen lately.

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I live for today


I like how you said the title says it all, “See the future,” yet you took 3 paragraphs more to talk about seeing the future.

It’s like saying:

The title says it all, “Run.”

We are running at a marathon on the 26th to celebrate clock day… etc.



Old school is coming back! Loving my Walter and carry is almost everyday. It disappears in my cargo pocket in my shorts, makes it hard to NOT carry it! :smiley:

Also I think wood is coming back, with Jenson dropping those clips with that big oversized custom turned woody who knows what’s “in the works?” Dare I say I’d love to see a big 70mm tmbr clwy collaboration! :smiley:

Not saying it will replace anything, but I think the community will grow into fixed axle even more so then it already has!