How will the scene change in the next 20 years?

I will be 42 until 2032. And I think most of us in this forum would act as a father in family. Will Suzuki still compete WYYC? Will this game become popular ? Will the yoyo trick reach its limit?I just wonder if you guys have any idea, have you ever imagined the future of yo-yoing ?

I’m going to help make the future of yoyoing, if I can.

All I know Is that I will be children to yoyo. They will learn on dark magics and legacys. They will later move on to protostars and dv888s.


there will be string that never knotts and never gets dirty

Not even possible.

Guys look back twenty years.

People thought that we would have floating cars and moving sidewalks everywhere.

Nope, I don’t think it’s going to be that different in twenty years.

Certain companies will fade away, other companies will become incredibly popular. Hopefully we’ll see some new, interesting, ground breaking designs and innovations in the yoyo world.

And, most importantly, everyone will be older.

We all know Duncan will still be here. Yoyojam and Yoyofactory might even stop as a company altogether. Most of the yoyoers here right now will either stop yoyoing together or not be as large of an addition to the community. Nothing to do but wait 20 years and find out.

I think I might keep to it.

It’s dang fun.

I’m interested to see what companies make it… theres new company ideas every week on here and they usually end up falling through, but there are a few that give hope. I cant wait to see if they make it big or not. For now i feel like Duncan, YYF, and hopefully YYJ will still be around. I cant see OD dying off but who knows, same with clyw.

The only real significant change I could see is maybe some new developments with composite materials that could best aluminum for cost/performance ratio. Something that was cheap to manufacture but with qualities like those of titanium could allow for all sorts of new designs that don’t cost a small fortune. Research in this area is all the rage right now so it’s really only a matter of time, imo.

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^^^ Thanks for that Patrick. Brought back a fond memory. Douglas Brown FTW. :slight_smile:

a specially magnetized forever spinning bearing! if its possible

Well, we know what’ll stay the same. Japan is the leading competitive country :stuck_out_tongue:

The writing contests were a blast. I don’t write about yoyoing that much, so it was the perfect opportunity.

Hmm, 20 years? My family history doesn’t work in favor of me being alive that long. Of course, if I am, I’ll still be throwing. I hope to live to be really old and throwing until I die.

I’ve only been doing this 15 months. I’m very amazed at what’s gone on since I’ve dove into the deep end. New bearings, radical deviations in shapes, loads of new strings. Wow. Great time to get into this.

I’m sure some materials can come down in cost. I bet we’ll see more throws using different metals in different areas. Bearings can always improve. Strings can always improve. Response systems can improve. Shapes will continue to evolve, however classics will always remain.

It will be interesting to see what companies gobble up others and start borg’ing the crap out of each other. It will also be interesting to see what new players come up and who will run stores and how that’s going to go down.

I hope to see expansion of the hobby. Hopefully, one day, people will realize that anyone can do it. All it takes is practice.

On the other hand, it is highly possible that it will shrink, due to the increasing amount of people that would rather be playing video games.

I think there’ll be a computer program that can calculate all of the different tricks that you can do.

I remember the 90’s revival. Yomega’s clutch mechanism introduced many folks to yoyoing. Tom Kuhn’s SB 2 is the father of race bearing yoyos. Both of those were game changers that not many saw coming. Maybe, hidden away in some design studio, another breakthrough is waiting, until then I see a refinement. Better as opposed to game changing.

Motorized yoyos that only bind when you toggle a switch at the end of the string.