World Yo-yo Contest 2009


World Yo-yo Contest was fun to watch. People won, but a lot lost. I’d like to say that this WYYC was a good one and we are all great full to have witnessed the world’s best’s awesomeness.

So, we say farewell World Yo-yo Contest and see you in 2010!

1A:Shinya Kido
2A:Shinji Saito
3A:Kentaro Kimura
4A:Naoto Okada
5A:Takuma Inoue
AP:Rei Iwakura
CB:Shinji Saito
Diabolo: Rei Iwakura

These are the results.

Everyone did well but out of three days of hard work these guys came out on top.

So World Yo-yo Contest, from us to you Keep it Spinning, Happy Throwing, Keep on Throwing and:

~Spin On!


Your first sentence made me laugh. People won, but a lot lost. Rofl.

Ahh well kinda sad that Mickey failed to win again for the 3rd time, but 2nd in the world isn’t bad. At least he beat Jensen. But he wasn’t as good as his Jpn Nats.