Who do you want to see compete @ WYYC?


If you could pick one non-competing thrower to compete this year at WYYC, who would it be?

I DEFINITELY would like to see Andre Boulay do a freestyle at Worlds, especially since I get to go this year. There just aren’t enough videos of the guy who teaches so many folks how to yoyo!

BTW, sorry if this is in the wrong section! It might should go in the contests, clubs, and events section, but IDK.






Janos. He really has all the talent and probably more to be a world champion. Sadly not happening this year I guess…


He would definitely KILL the AP division though.

Too bad he’s not going. He probably has something better to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I messaged Janos and he said he was going to worlds this year


u srs


I’d love for Yuuki to show up unannounced and win it. Just from his last video we all know he could win it.


And he would kill 1A too I think. At least in the top 5 would be my bet. I meant it wouldn’t happen because he’s not going, but now I hear…

So, this will now be a much more interesting competition I think. ;D

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Ryota Ogi.


It would actually be cool to see the guy who made the video “Aruarian Dance” compete.

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Jensen, Chuck, Chase, Yuuki, Augie


I’d love to see Jensen wreck the competition like in 2010.




CaribouChris. I’m not sure how many owners continue to compete.


Caribou Chris Honestly isn’t really that good at yoyoing.

I’m not calling him bad, but he’s not exactly a Professional.


This post deserves unlimited thanks yous.


Ben still competes in 2a. I haven’t seen him win any titles recently, but his freestyles are fun to watch.