The 'Official' EYYC Thread - Results in!

Well, ‘Official’ in the sense that it’s the only one I see…

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So, it’s that time of the year again when all the European throwers descend on Budapest and duke it out. What are your thoughts on this years contest?

The way I see it, Janos is a guaranteed win if he enters. I don’t think anyone has the technical difficulty or consistency to de-throne him, so there isn’t much point in talking about first place. :stuck_out_tongue:

Second place? Well I’d love to see Vashek come second personally, but there’s tough competition. Last years second place in the form of Grzegorz “Plamek” Wojcik (yes I did google that for the correct spelling) will be a tough one to beat (should he enter) and recently in most Eastern European contests the small group of;

Vashek Kroutil
Petr Kavka
Tomas Bubak

Seem to always find themselves in the top spots, but in differing orders. So it’s anyones game.

A few of the UK crew are going but I’m not sure if they’re competing. Good luck to Steven Langley if he decides to compete in 3A, and should Yuji enter (don’t know if he is or not), then I think he has the potential to make top 10, which would be pretty epic.

At any rate, I’m excited and can’t wait to see how it all pans out. :smiley:

What are your thoughts?

I started a Fantasy Yoyo League that most of you know of. People competing will be posting their picks there. If you would like to see what I picked, and what they did, you can go here:,70815.0.html

Yes I’m aware of it, I just wanted to perhaps get a bit more in depth discussion about EYYC and players in general. I’ll be sure to post my pick in the leagues though. :slight_smile:

Yeah we dont really talk in your thread. Just make the picks.

But that’s where all the picks are.

We’ve got top contenders listed for 2A - 5A, and 1A contenders are going up tomorrow.

Plus, I’m leaving Wednesday for Budapest and we’ll be covering the event live on our Instagram & Twitter accounts! Expect Instagram video and live commentary from finals in all divisions!


^ The amount of coverage that you guys are giving EYYC is awesome. I’ll be following it closely all as it unfolds. ;D

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Marcus Koh just announced that he will be there! I think he will win the 1A open for sure. There is really no competition.

I think Janos is by far the top contender but anybody can have a bad freestyle.
The other top contenders in my opinion:

Slusny boys
Michal Zakrewski

Paul Kerbel

Someone’s confident… :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously Plamek is the main competition considering he’s been in the top 3 for the past 3 years, but the Slusny lads have been winning so many contests recently.

I really hope Vashek pulls off a good freestyle. He had a bit of a nightmare last year and it all fell apart, which was a real shame. If we can perform anywhere near he did in his 2012 routine, then he’ll place pretty high.

With Marcus, Tatsuya and Paul competing it looks like the 1A open will be just as exciting as the main championship. Personally, my money is on Marcus, but we’ll see how it unfolds. :smiley:

My money is also on Marcus because his style has evolved soo much. He has TONS of new and super technical tricks that have incredible speed, but then I forgot Paul Kerbel, he is really,really,good. There is another person who might win and he is non other than Harold Owens the III. :smiley:

Oh wow. The Principality of Sealand is listed as a European nation that can compete:

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Well I did beat every person on your list except Janos and Plamek last EYYC, and this year I have a really really good freestyle :stuck_out_tongue:


Never realised you came 4th, wow. Not bad at all. Iceland represent. braaap

Well, all the best this weekend mate. You’ve hyped yourself up now so you’d better deliver. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yoyonews takes a look at the top 1A contenders this year.

Whilst a Janos win seems somewhat inevitable, it’s always nice to see someone different take the podium. At any rate it must be an amazing experience to perform on stage, the EYYC crowd seems to be the loudest and best in the contest calendar.

These Eastern Europeans… they’re taking over!

Prelim results are up! Well, they have been for a while it seems, but I only just noticed.

(Courtesy of yoyonews)

So Palli scores a full 60 points in tech ex, putting him far in front. Between the prelim results and the already seeded players, this is going to be one heck of a contest.

As an added bonus, it looks like good old Yuji Kelly will be representing the UK (braaaaaap) after all. Go Yuji! Make us proud!

Palli’s either go 1st or 2nd

For everyone watching the live stream, the player order for 5A Prelims, 2A, 3A, and 4A Finals, and 1A Open has been posted!

Steve I loved your performance XD

Day Two results are up!