The New 1A world Champ!

janos karancz!

The 2013 World YoYo Contest 5a Champion is…

Takeshi Matsuura!

The 2013 World YoYo Contest 1a Champion is…

Janos Karancz!

Wow two threads exactly the same, I bet they were posted at the same time :wink:

Anyway a huge cangratulations to Janos, this is a huge step for Duncan, and an even bigger step for Janos. I remember a thread about who would in worlds, and only a couple people said Janos.


don’t post it as a flash post it as a hyperlink! :wink:

Not too much horizontal but very clean and technical for sure!!!

Good job Duncan and the player! That was a really cool performance!!!

What does he throw?

I think it was a barracuda. Now I want one. Some of his stuff I have never even thought possible.

THROW DUNCAN (he used a barracuda)

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I made my thread ten seconds before you did! HAHA :wink:

Really happy for Duncan on this one. I’ve yet to play with a Duncan metal, but I’m sure this will help them generate a bit more hype. Great job, Janos! :slight_smile:

I’m a huge Duncan Fan.

That routine deserves it. It wasn’t a freestyle, that was just art on stage.


Lol me too. I buy all the $3-10 plastics for my kids. But will venture to some of their metals eventually. Heck they are the reason yoyos are here if you ask me or any other non yoyo guru. If you were to ask people on the streets if they knew what the company Duncan made compared to another like CLYW I bet Duncan would be known exponentially higher.

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And yet, you never hear “Duncan” in discussions about the best contest teams.

They took 1a and obviously, 3a.

^ they don’t get as much recognition as other teams

So happy that chia made 2nd…!! ;D ;D

You think there will be a World Champion edition Barracuda? If so, I’d get that right away. Really have been wanting to try a Barracuda for a while now.

I’m glad he won, with that performance he deserved it big time. Janos is an amazing player and that performance was just marvelous. Not many people expected him to win it all but he did it, and he most definitely deserves it. Absolutely amazing.

Over on the 3a side, Hank Freeman had an awesome routine as well, another title for him. This is a big win for Duncan, 2 of their players won worlds, has that ever happened with a company before? Awesome stuff from Janos and Hank.

Little disappointed Rei didn’t win 4a worlds again, I didn’t think the winning performance was as good as Rei couldve put out, and he wasnt as entertaining as Rei either :smiley: but that’s all just my personal opinion though. I wanna see what Rei did so badly now, I wonder if he messed up or something. Was really rooting for him. But congrats to Michael none the less :slight_smile:

And lastly, congrats to Takeshi on winning yet another world yoyo contest… He really is going to be Shinji Saito of 4a. Absolutely beast, insane stuff. Congrats to everyone and I hope that you guys that were able to attend had a blast there :slight_smile: