2015 EYYC Predictions

What are your predictions for the 2015 EYYC this weekend?


1A (not in order of finish, but I think it will be one of these players)
Janos Karancz
Carlos Braun
Jakub Dekan
Vilmos Zoltan Kiss

David Geigle

Michael Jasko
Lorenzo Sabatini

Quentin Godet
Lorenzo Sabatini

David Molnar

1A Open
I have no idea who is going, so I can’t make a prediction yet.

What about you guys?



I thought Dave had stopped competing in 2A

Did he really? He was at EYYC last year and at WYYC 2014.

I can’t find it, it was somewhere in the depths of facebook, but I recall Clément Bertaux and Dave talking about it.

Clément has his chances for the title this year if dave doesn’t compete, it’s not like the European 2A scene was exceptionnally shiny

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I was the one who hashtagged that on YYF’s Ask.fm recently. ;D

Team Vashek Unite!



Honestly, I would love to see Vashek win. I wouldn’t be surprised if Janos takes it again this year, but the amount of talent is so high, it could be anyone. Can’t wait, I love a good contest stream. :slight_smile:

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^Speaking of the contest streaming, does anyone know where there is a link?

I’m really hoping Janos pulls out some insane new tricks this year. Last year, he used almost the same freestyles to win EYYC and Worlds, so hoping he brings out something new. I could definitely see him placing top 3 if he does.

He sounds really humble, quiet, but really nervous during contests, so I can really relate to him, because it’s how I am like in real life :stuck_out_tongue: Hope he gets another EYYC win

Chances are he might be throwing the new VKss as well (I believe they have at least one at their store already), so it’ll be cool to get a glimpse of it if this is indeed the case.

I’m sure YoYoNews will provide the link for us when it’s up. I’ll be interested to see what sort of “EYYC” editions companies are bringing this year, as well as the inevitably epic Backspin contest video.

10,000 Hours, United in Yoyoing… what masterpiece will Piotrek create for us this time? :smiley:

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…and what a performance… :o

Can someone tell me the difference between the Open and the 1A Finals

Open is for Non – European residents and 1A only.