FYYL - European Yoyo Championship - February 21, 22, 23

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Hey, everyone. I am starting this thread early so to: 1) give everybody time to get their picks in (notice that not everybody got their picks in for the VA States contest), and 2) because it is a very large contest.

There are very many divisions set up in this contest. I have elected to not include Sports Ladder (as usual) and the SpinTop Freestyles. All the other divisions are free game. If you do not have a pick for a division, just skip it. Note: You will not receive any points for divisions you do not have a pick for (obviously). The following divisions are the ones being used:
1A Open
1A Women’s

Player Picking:
There has been no indication whether or not there will be a preliminary round or not for this contest. I am going to assume there will be but will make sure to notify, via this post, whether or not there will be a prelim round.
Same as prelims.
Like normal, pick the player you think will win and hope for the best.
NEW RULE: If you put an N/A symbol next to a division, then, later on, add somebody, that does not count as a change.
You may, also, change twice overral, not twice per division. Sorry if I did not make this clear for the VA States contest.

Really, everybody if anybody from the European countries (and a select few for the Open) will be there. If you wish, there is a facebook page for this contest along with a website if you would like to check that out to confirm that you’re picks will, in fact, be participating. I believe we had a little trouble with that for the VA States contest earlier this year.
Link to website: eyyc14.com
Link to facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/316054835206780/
On the website, there is a Seeding page where you can see all the competitors that are already seeded for the contest. If you want, you can pick only form that list and wait until you know more contestants before submitting your final picks. But, it is up to you, as always.

Contest Results:
1A Prelim Results:

  1. Pall Vladimar Gudmondsson
  2. Gabriel Szalay
  3. Matyas Racek
  4. Tomas Bubak
  5. Vilmos Zoltan Kiss
  6. Leonid Nemchik
  7. Matous Tomes
  8. Daniel Tamariz
  9. Lorenzo Sabatini
  10. Adrian Koniecki
  11. Vashek Kroutil
  12. David Molnar
  13. Tyler Young
  14. George Ganchev
  15. Anton Vinokurov

5A Prelim Results:

  1. Budai Daniel
  2. Petr Kavka
  3. Karol Szyszka
  4. Rolandd Kovacs
  5. Alexey Nemchik
  6. Maciek Cwynar
  7. Kollar Viktor
  8. Attila Botlik
  9. Biser Lukich
  10. Quentin Godet
  11. Andres “PAC” Pegam

2A Finals:

  1. Dave Geigle (89.3)
  2. Matyas Racek (48.1)
  3. Dominique Vionnet (32.8)
  4. Andres “PAC” Pegam (-36.3)

3A Finals:

  1. Michael Jasko (71.3)
  2. Stepan Kosintzev (70.1)
  3. Stephen Langley (69.1)
  4. Pall Vladimar Gudmondsson (60.5)
  5. Lorenzo Sabatini (45.4)
  6. Attila Botlik (-13.9)

4A Finals:

  1. Quentin Godet (92.5)
  2. Lorenzo Sabatini (70.4)
  3. Groger Nandor (54.7)
  4. Norbert Jenei (49.5)
  5. Ondrej Schmid (40.6)
  6. George Stoyanov (25.0)
  7. Florian Kock (7.4)

1A Open Finals:

  1. Paul Kerbel (88.4)
  2. Marcus Koh (82.2)
  3. Iori Yamaki (81.5)
  4. Yusuke Otsuka (68.5)
  5. Li Ho Kwan (64.2)
  6. Tatsuya Fujisaka (63.1)
  7. Yixing Tan (58.3)
  8. Ken Takabayashi (58.3)
  9. Wong Wai Sheuk (53.5)
  10. Kengo Kido (53.4)
  11. Tal Mordoch (49.2)
  12. Chingiz Alpyspayev (48.3)
  13. Junliang Tan (41.3)

1A Women:

  1. Jaslyn Shi (72.4)
  2. Corli du Toit (69.6)
  3. Josefina Nesporova (62.7)
  4. Nuu Gattowsky (60.3)
  5. Yuval Buzaglo (35.7)
  6. Tamara Jemelkova (16.9)
  7. Alice Porowska (3.9)

5A Finals:

  1. David Molnar (85.0)
  2. Daniel Budai (67.9)
  3. Petr Kavka (65.2)
  4. Matt Gallacher (56.5)
  5. Rolandd Kovacs (51.9)
  6. Alexey Nemchik (43.6)
  7. Maciek Cwynar (43.3)
  8. George Stoyanov (40.6)
  9. Karol Szyszka (30.1)
  10. Din Bao Dang (29.2)

1A Finals: (Top 10:)

  1. Carlos Braun (87.7)
  2. Jan Hlinka (73.4)
  3. Vilmos Zoltan Kiss (73.3)
  4. Konstantin Tudjarov (73.0)
  5. Janos Karancz (72.9)
  6. Michal Zakrzewski (70.6)
  7. Akos Linzenbold (68.8)
  8. Matyas Racek (67.9)
  9. Pall Vladimar Gudmondsson (67.9)
  10. Leonid Nemchik (67.3)

Current Contestant Scores:
(Not including PNWR:)
1 stuarttw 1415.16
2 Philip 1321.06
3 Zorro 1264.37
4 LEDGERYOYO 1229.51
5 Shen703 1181.71
6 J Singh 2K 1170.7
7 Dr. Awesome 1086.72
9 Gambit 833.3
10 modman10 660.41
11 Mr.Weirdhobbies3 636.5
12 Rosariyoyo 301.51
13 stringking 203.45
14 semaj22 119.61
15 Ringo 0
16 Turtleyo 0
17 Hudakjoe 0
18 Jaedizzle11 0
19 owngry 0
20 dnellegar 0
Congratulations to STUARTTW for winning after this contest.

Your Picks:
Janos Karancz: Zorro, stuarttw, Rosariyoyo, Philip, DrAwesome, Gambit, MYNAMEISZen, LEDGERYOYO, shen703, J Singh 2K
Vilmost Zoltan Kiss: Modman10, Mr.Weirdhobbies3

David Geigle: Zorro, stuarttw, Philip, DrAwesome, Gambit, MYNAMISZen, LEDGERYOYO, shen703, J Singh 2K

Pall Vladimar Gudmondsson: Modman10, MYNAMEISZen
Michael Jasko: Zorro, stuarttw, Philip, DrAwesome, LEDGERYOYO, shen703, J Singh 2K
Stephen Langley: Gambit

Questin Godet: Zorro
Lorenzo Sabatini: stuarttw, Philip, MYNAMEISZen, LEDGERYOYO, shen703, J Singh 2K
Norbert Jenei: Modman10
David Molnar: DrAwesome, Gambit

Petr Kavka: Zorro, Mr.Weirdhobbies3, DrAwesome, Gambit, MYNAMEISZen, LEDGERYOYO, shen703, J Singh 2K
David Molnar: stuarttw, Philip
Biser Lukich: Modman10

1A Open
Marcus Koh: Zorro, stuarttw, DrAwesome, Gambit, MYNAMEISZen, LEDGERYOYO
Paul Kerbel: Modman10, Mr.Weirdhobbies3, shen703, J Singh 2K
Tatsuya Fujisaka: Philip

1A Women’s
Corli du Toit: Zorro, stuarttw, Modman10, Mr.Weirdhobbies3, Philip, DrAwesome, Gambit, LEDGERYOYO, shen703, J Singh 2K
Nuu Gattowsky: MYNAMEISZen

My Picks (Zorro):

1A: Janos Karancz
2A: David Veigle
3A: Michael Jasko
4A: Quentin Godet
5A: Petr Kavka
1A Open: Markus Koh
1A Women’s: Corli du Toit

Will be filled completely by deadline

Picks for Rosariyoyo

1a: Janos Karancz
1a open:
1a women’s division:

My picks (stuarttw)

1a : Janos Karancz
2a : Dave Geigle
3a : Michal Jaško
4a : Lorenzo Sabatini
5a : David Molnar (second)
1a Open : Marcus Koh (first change)
1a Women : Corli du Toit.

These will be changing.

Here’s a list of people going : http://eyyc14.com/registration/registrants/?frm-page-111=1
… I think

If you don’t mind, I would like to have everyone submit your picks on the website as well as a trial run.
Please use this link:http://fantasyyoyoleague.weebly.com/contestsyour-picks.html

Okay, here is the working link:


Why have their been only three people to have any picks whatsoever?

I do have a fair idea of who stands a good chance in each category, (except in open as I don’t know who are the non-European players coming this year) but I really dislike most of them and being right would make me mad sooooooo… ::slight_smile:

Probably because it’s over a month away, LOL.

Yeah, but still, why not?

My picks: Modman10

1A : Vilmos Zoltan Kiss
2A : N/A
3A : Pall Valdimar Gudmundsson
4A : Norbert Jenei
5A : Biser Lukich
1A Open : Paul Kerbel
1A Women’s : Corli du Toit


Close to a month left.

33 days

31 days

Less than a month. 25 days and counting.

That moment when you don’t pick Janos. facepalm

I hope Vilmos wins tbh…

22 days left. Right around the corner.