FYYL - Pacific Northwest Regionals - February 21, 22

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Well, I figured I might as well start working on this post since I started the EYYC contest post early. It just seemed to make sense. As of the day I posted this, we are a month and a week from the contest so you have plenty of time to get your votes in.

I am still debating whether or not to include the Novice Freestyles. I am voting for “No” right now but if enough people want it, I will include it. I am, as usual, not including the Sports Ladder division(s). The following divisions are guaranteed to be used:

Player Picking:
I am going to guess there is going to be a Preliminary Round in this contest. If there is, we all know what to do and what happens with the players.
Really, I don’t need to say much. Just pick your players and hope for the best.

I have absolutely no idea who will be competing; so, if anybody here does, in fact, have maybe a facebook page or something for this contest, that would help a lot.

Contest Results:
1A Finals: (Top 10)

  1. Michael Nakamura (88.3)
  2. Tyler Severance (87.5)
  3. Zach Gormley (85.5)
  4. Clint Armstrong (83.3)
  5. Michael Kurti (83.2)
  6. Jensen Kimmitt (80.2)
    7.Eric Koloski (76.0)
  7. Harrison Lee (75.8 )
  8. Charles Haycock (69.9)
  9. Luckey Yulin Li (68.7)

2A Finals:

  1. Ryan Lai (87.5)
  2. Jacob Jensen (38.6)
  3. Paul Dang (5.0)

3A Finals:

  1. Elliot Ogawa (87.3)
  2. Donald Hodgkinson (78.0)
  3. Ryan Lai (45.8 )
  4. Elijiah Tan (27.3)
  5. Luke Reinert (-2.4)

4A Finals: (Top 10)

  1. Michael Nakamura (90.7)
  2. Zac Rubino (80.8 )
  3. Trivet Sembel (66.9)
  4. Noah Bachofen (41.6)
  5. Anthony Martinez (33.6)
  6. Stephanie Haight (28.0)
  7. Jeremy Meugens (27.1)
  8. Harrison Lee (25.4)
  9. Nehemiah Peterson (20.3)
  10. Michael Goody (9.4)

5A Finals:

  1. Tyler Severance (87.4)
  2. Sterling Quinn (83.3)
  3. Kyle Hedges (63.0)
  4. Oscar Ramirez (61.2)
  5. Michael Nakamura (58.9)
  6. Keiran Cooper (23.6)
  7. Luke Reinert (18.6)
  8. Matthew Poon (15.8 )
  9. Mason Devriend (13.8 )
  10. Elijiah Tan (6.1)

Current Contestant Scores:
1 stuarttw 1874.66
2 Philip 1589.86
3 Zorro 1590.57
4 LEDGERYOYO 1684.51
5 Shen703 1317.21
6 J Singh 2K 1369.4
7 Dr. Awesome 1355.52
9 Gambit 968.8
10 modman10 924.71
11 Mr.Weirdhobbies3 716.9
12 Rosariyoyo 301.51
13 stringking 203.45
14 semaj22 119.61
15 Ringo 0
16 Turtleyo 0
17 Hudakjoe 0
18 Jaedizzle11 0
19 owngry 0
20 dnellegar 0

Your Picks:
Zach Gormley: Zorro, stuarttw, Philip, DrAwesome, Gambit, modman10, MYNAMEISZen, LEDGERYOYO, shen703
Angelo Aguirre: Mr.Weirdhobbies3
Charles Haycock: J Singh 2K

Ian Lawson: Zorro, MYNAMEISZen, shen703
Yoshi Mikamoto: stuarttw, Philip, Gambit
Joseph Harris: modman10, LEDGERYOYO, J Singh 2K, DrAwesome
Paul Dang: Mr.Weirdhobbies3

Mack Finley: Zorro, MYNAMEISZen, Mr.Weirdhobbies3, shen703
Yoshi Mikamoto: stuarttw, Philip, Gambit
Patrick Bogerding: Gambit
Donald Hodgkinson: modman10, LEDGERYOYO, J Singh 2K

Michael Nakamura: Zorro, stuarttw, MYNAMEISZen, LEDGERYOYO
Bryan Figueroa: Philip, Gambit, DrAwesome, Modman10
Harrison Lee: Mr.Weirdhobbies3
Ben Conde: J Singh 2K, shen703

Michael Kurti: Zorro, Gambit, modman10, MYNAMEISZen, Mr.Weirdhobbies3, LEDGERYOYO, J Singh 2K, shen703
Sterling Quinn: stuarttw, Philip, DrAwesome

My Picks:
1A: Zach Gormley
2A: Ian Lawson
3A: Mack Finley
4A: Michael Nakamura
5A: Michael Kurti

Close to a month left. If anybody could please post a link to a page with a list of contestants that would be great. I have no idea who is going to be there.

33 days

Sub. Picks tbd

31 days

Less than a month. 25 days and counting.

22 days. Right around the corner

19 days

I guess i’ll get mine in:
my picks (stuarttw)
1a: Zach Gormley
2a: Yoshi Mikamoto
3a: Yoshi Mikamoto (first change)
4a: Michael Nakamura
5a: Sterling Quinn

8 days and counting. Just over a week. Get your votes in.

I don’t know the complete list of competitors, but I know Pat B won’t be there

Thank you

Do you know where I could find a complete list?

My picks:

1A:Zach Gormley
4A:Bryan Figueroa
5A:Sterling Quinn


Getting really close guys. Get your votes in.

1A:Zach Gormley
3A:Patrick Bogerding
4A:Bryan Figueroa
5A:Michael Kurti

Pat b won’t be there i don’t think.

2A will be Joseph Harris
3A will be Donald Hodgkinson

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