FYYL - SouthEastern Regionals - April 26


YIKES! Sorry everybody. I lost track of time. The SERs are this weekend.

I don’t have much info but the website is www.seryoyo.com

Contest Results:

Current Contestant Scores:

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1a: Zach Gormley?
2a: ?
3a: ?
4a: Ben Conde?
5a: ?


Even though a very small amount of people submitted picks for this contest, it will still count. I will update scores shortly.


I am still on the search for results, btw. If anyone has them, please post below. Thanks.


Duncan posted on Facebook the Sebby won 1A, Bryan Jardin won 5A, and Sean Perez won 3A.


Thanks. This means that nobody gets any points this round, therefore, this contest will not be counted.