FYYL - Florida States - March 1, 2014

Other Current Contest: California States: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,72177.msg803510.html#msg803510

Almost forgot about this contest. Sorry for the late post, but the FYYL has been busy with the EYYC and PNWR so I kind of forgot about it. To see the other current contest, go to the California States post and make your pick there as well.


Player Picking:


Contest Results:
Open Finals:

  1. Sean Perez
  2. Steven Kinder
  3. Jon Martin
  4. Spenser Davis

5A Finals:

  1. Bryan Jardin
  2. Uri Gottschalk
  3. Jarret Pond

1A Finals: (Top 10)

  1. Sebastian Brock
  2. Bryan Jardin
  3. Charlie Byers
  4. Daniel Joranlien
  5. Spenser Davis
  6. Francisco Otiz
  7. Jarret Pond
  8. Danny Amir
  9. Avery Shaw
  10. Jon Martin

1A Prelims:

Current Contestant Scores:
1 stuarttw 2501.66
2 LEDGERYOYO 2311.51
3 Zorro 2217.57
4 Philip 2216.86
6 Dr. Awesome 1783.52
7 J Singh 2K 1369.4
8 Shen703 1317.21
9 Mr.Weirdhobbies3 1144.9
10 Gambit 968.8
11 modman10 924.71
12 Rosariyoyo 301.51
13 stringking 203.45
14 semaj22 119.61
15 Ringo 0
16 Turtleyo 0
17 Hudakjoe 0
18 Jaedizzle11 0
19 owngry 0
20 dnellegar 0

[b]Your Picks:[/b] [u]1A:[/u] Sebastian Brock: Zorro, stuarttw, Philip, MYNAMEISZen, LEDGERYOYO, Mr.Weirdhobbies3, DrAwesome [u]5A:[/u] Bryan Jardin: Zorro, stuarttw, Philip, MYNAMEISZen, LEDGERYOYO, Mr.Weirdhobbies3, DrAwesome [u]Open:[/u] Sean Perez: Zorro, stuarttw, Philip, MYNAMEISZen, LEDGERYOYO Mark Montgomery: Mr.Weirdhobbies3, DrAwesome
[b]My Picks:[/b] 1A: Sebastian Brock 5A: Bryan Jardin Open: Sean Perez

This is the Florid state yoyo contest? Then why did you pick to Philipinos for your picks?
EDIT: Oh i see
1a: Sebby (first change)
Open: Sean Perez
5a: Brian Jardin

If I go… 5a is mine :wink:

No way, unless you’re takeshi maatsura lol
This should be the highest scoring contest because of the extreme difficulty of picking 1a

It’s difficult because of all the nobodys

Yep, that’s why it should be given more points

NEW RULE CHANGES: Please see website for details.

Maybe I am just like him. You got proof I am not lol…

Yup, I got proof. Ever won worlds? Ever won nats? Huh, answer that one.

Here’s the link:

Sports ladder: Landon balk


My picks (Philip)
1a: Sebby (first change)
5a: Bryan Jardin
Open: Sean Perez

Sebby and Bryan and then I dont know another name on the list…

But here’s mine:
1A: Sebastian Brock

5A: Bryan Jardin

OPEN: Sean Perez

1A: Charlie Byers

5A: Sebastian Brock

Open: Sean Perez

(I know this wasn’t listed but still) Sports Ladder: Landon Balk

I’m bringing hi chew. YEAAHHH

1a Sebby
5a Bryan Jardin
Open Sean Perez

1A: Sebby Brock
5A: Brian Jardin
Open: Markmont

All you have is this morning. Make those picks.

Notice how my picks were exactly right :slight_smile:

Most people picked what you picked