FYYL - Virginia State Yoyo Contest - January 11th, 2014

Next Contest:
Pacific Northwest Regionals (February 21st and 22nd)
EYYC (February 21st, 22nd, and 23rd)http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,70815.0.html


So, this is the first contest of the FYYL Season. You can start picking your players whenever you like. See below for all the details.

There are four divisions in the contest, two of which are Sports Ladders and will not be used as an FYYL Official Division.
The divisions that are being used are:
1A Freestyles
Open Division Freestyles

Player Picking:
There is a preliminary round for both divisions in this contest.

What you will do is pick any competing player. You can not change your pick if your player does not qualify for the Finals. See original post(s) for scoring extra format information.

Player picking is open now until 10am ET on January 11th, 2014.

I am not 100% sure who is going to be there so if somebody could post a link to a list or post a list of contestants before Jan 11th, that would be great.

I would like to remind everyone that if you are not on this list as of the last couple of weeks, then your submissions will not be counted. The list is as follows:

  1. Zorro
  2. Ringo
  3. Turtleyo
  4. Dr. Awesome
  5. Stringking
  6. Shen703
  8. Rosariyoyo
  9. Gambit
  10. J Singh 2K
  11. Hudakjoe
  12. modman10
  13. Jaedizzle11
  14. Mr.Weirdhobbies
  15. semaj222
  16. owngry
  17. dnellegar
  18. Philip
  19. stuarttw

I would like to wish everyone GOOD LUCK!

Contest Results:
1A Finals:

  1. Tyler Maccallumor 97.14
  2. Ky Zizan 90.11
  3. Michael Kurti 89.61
  4. Tyler Severance 88.89
  5. Mark Mangarian 81.79
  6. Michael Ferdico 78.60
  7. Eric Koloski 77.37
  8. CJ Atkinson 66.53
  9. Matt Kubuta 65.28
  10. Alex Curfman 65.17
  11. Joe Wilson 60.32
  12. Jon Saelens 29.25

Open Division Finals:

  1. Samm Scott (5A) 94.85
  2. Tyler Severance (5A) 79.00
  3. Shane Karen (2A) 74.70
  4. Ky Zizan 67.44
  5. AJ Kirk (5A) 62.93
  6. Will McCue (5A) 59.20
  7. David Kane (4A, 5A) 41.06
  8. Adam Reeder (5A) 35.50

1A Prelims:
Go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/568559583218259/

Current Contestant Scores:
Rankings Total

1 Philip 214.46
2 stuarttw 214.46
3 stringking 203.45
4 Dr. Awesome 202.22
5 Rosariyoyo 198.61
7 Zorro 186.37
8 Shen703 119.61
9 modman10 119.61
10 semaj22 119.61
11 J Singh 2K 108.6
13 Ringo 0
14 Turtleyo 0
15 Gambit 0
16 Hudakjoe 0
17 Jaedizzle11 0
18 Mr.Weirdhobbies 0
19 owngry 0
20 dnellegar 0

Original Post:

Rules/Format Post:

1A Division:
Michael Kurti: Shen703, MYNAMEISZEN, Rosariyoyo, modman10, semaj22, Philip, stuarttw, LEDGERYOYO
Michael Ferdico: stringking, J Singh 2K
Sebastian Brock: Gambit, Mr.Weirdhobbies
Eric Koloski: Zorro, Dr. Awesome
Open Division:
Alex Curfman: shen703, MYNAMEISZEN, Gambit, J Singh 2K, semaj22
Samm Scott: Dr.Awesome, stringking, Philip, stuarttw
Tyler Severance: Zorro, Rosariyoyo, LEDGERYOYO
Joey Serrano: modman10, Mr. Weirdhobbies
Ringo, Turtleyo, Hudajoke, Jaedizzle11, owngry, dnellegar

These are my official picks. Please try to make your player pick posts look like the following:

My Picks (Zorro):

1A Freestyles: Eric Koloski
Open Division: Tyler Severance

1A: Michael Ferdico
Open: Alex Curfman

I just realized something. I don’t know anyone who would be competing in this contest…

1a freestyles: Michael Kurti
Open: Sam Scott
BTW, Here’s a list of a few people who are going, https://www.facebook.com/events/568559583218259/

1A: Michael Kurti
Open: Alex Curfman

My picks Modman10:

1A Freestyles: Michael Kurti
Open Division: Joey Serrano

1a freestyles: Michael Ferdico
Open freestyles: Samm Scott.

1A: Sebby Brock (He’s going but idk if he is competing)
Open Division: Joey Serrano

I kinda meant for posts to look like this. But, everyone else’s way will work to I guess. Thanks modman10.

1a Freestyles: Eric Koloski
Open:Samm Scott

1A: Sebastian Brock
Open Division: Alex Curfman

I’m so stoked to be going. It’s going to be fantastic.

I don’t see you on the list

Perhaps there should be a whole child board for the FYYL

1A: Michael Kurti
Open: Samm Scott

Man I have no right to post this but usually Joe Wilson from YYF is there. And last year he got 1st place in 1a freestyle. Just food for thought……

Mark Mangarin did. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjyNM1AZxKo

That’s what I was talking about with Andre and the mods. Unfortunately, they declined.

My Picks (Gambit)

1A: Sebastian Brock
Open Division: Alex Curfman