Fantasy Yoyo League - Finalized (Registration Closed)

I am starting a Fantasy Yoyo League. It has been talked about a lot on the forums, so I decided to put it into real life. In 2014, it will actually begin.

Meet my Assistants:

Contests in use:
2014 World YoYo Contest (WYYC) (August)
2014 European YoYo Contest (EYYC) [Includes Open Division]
2014 Asian-Pacific Yoyo Contest (AP)
2014 Bay Area Classic (BAC)
2014 44Clash Yoyo Contest
2014 Pacific Northeast Regionals (February 21, 22)
2014 Mideast Regionals
2014 Northeast Regionals
2014 Midwest Regionals
2014 Southwest Regionals
2014 US Nationals (October)
2014 Canadian Nationals
2014 Japanese Nationals
2014 Philippine Nationals
2014 Czech Nationals
2014 Mexican Nationals
2014 United Kingdom Nationals
2014 California States
2014 Georgia States
2014 Alabama States (July?)
2014 Ohio States
2014 Pennsylvania States
2014 Illinois States
2014 Massachusetts States
2014 Florida States
2014 Virginia States (January 11th)
2014 Minnesota States
(please tell me what other contests should be included with this list; please include dates)

To see the Format, Scoring System, and Rules, go here:,69964.0.html

If you have anything you would like to add or subtract, PM me or reply below.

Thanks, I hope you guys will play,

Contestant List:

  1. Zorro
  2. Ringo
  3. Turtleyo
  4. Dr. Awesome
  5. Stringking
  6. Shen703
  8. Rosariyoyo
  9. Gambit
  10. J Singh 2K
  11. Hudakjoe
  12. modman10
  13. Jaedizzle11
  14. Mr.Weirdhobbies
  15. semaj222
  16. owngry
  17. dnellegar
  18. Philip
  19. stuarttw


Sounds like a pretty cool idea! I love Fantasy Football and I love yoyoing, so this is a win-win.

I’m in!

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Is it being held in 2014?
And also
Cal States
are big ones.

Czech Nats?

Triple Crown is pretty big right?

Mexico Nats

Beat me to it

I’m in!

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I’m in.

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Sounds fun to me! I’m in.

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I’m in dude!

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Also you could use CAL states and NER

Thanks guys. I will make a separate post in a few days with complete rules, contests, list of contestants, and other things on the league. The league starts January 1st, 2014, and ends December 31st, 2014.

As for the contests you all mentioned, I will add in state contests, other national contests, regional contests, and others. But, I would like the abbreviations to be spelled out because I do not know all of them.

Like, for example, what is PNWR?

Contests being added now:

Cal States
Triple Crown
and Czech Nats

how will we draft?

I’d recommend UK Nationals, but all you have to do is bet on Yuji and rake in the points. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to see UK Nationals on there though, would help raise awareness for our little scene. :slight_smile:

PNWR is Pacific North West Regionals usually all of the best players from all over the US are there and last year a lot of the best yoyoers from Canada were there competing too. Also I’m in.

What do you mean?

I’ll add it.

Thanks, I will add this too.

Glad you entered. You’re on the list.

I’m in!