Fantasy Yo-yo Team!? :o

I was talking to my friends about Nationals and I told them that the only sport I follow is the National

Yo-yo League. They chuckled and one of them said that if had a fantasy yo-yo team. Sudden

inspiration hit me and I want to try that! Since the season is over and won’t start back until Spring,

how about we try it? Just reply to give me your opinions. I think this might work out. Winner gets glory

and bragging rights for them being a fortune teller.

Sounds like a cool idea but I don’t even understand how fantasy football is supposed to work. ;D

Just so you know there is no yoyo “season” there are competitions in every month.

Year-round is a season.

That’s good there’s no “fixed season”. That way we don’t get whiny over-paid athletes doing union crap and causing “problems”. NBA pre-seasons got nuked. Better question for me: Do I care? No, I don’t. Don’t waste time watching sports on TV or going to sporting events. Wouldn’t mind going to or running sound for a yoyo contest.

Haha. You know what I mean Icky. After Nationals, all the stats start over and the first state contest starts everything all over again. Should we make it a USA nationals thing or a world thing?

Seems a bit redundant.

In fantasy football, players are assigned points for an overall average of what they did in a certain time frame, in this case, a season. This overall average is based in the realm of stats, or a hard copy of what the player has done. This can’t be done with yoyoing at all. Because the points system in yoyoing is not set in stone, and is still based A LOT in opinion. Rushing yards and safeties are concrete, they are either there or they aren’t, no opinion or anything about it.

Fantasy leagues also reward participants on minor picks, like, say that I pick a fourth string Running back ( in this case, it’s to fill space, and he was all I could afford). We know that this guy has rushed an average of 20 yards a game when he was starting at ISU, so he isn’t good by any means. But if he steps up and starts wrecking the stat books, I get rewarded because he wasn’t suppose to be any good. How are you going to implement this?

My fantasy yoyo team would be me…. Tyler Severance….Batman…. Scarlett Johansson…. Stephen Hawking….and Gary Glitter….

First and formost… WOAH! it’s Q! haven’t seen you around in a while.
second: yeah, I pretty much completely agree with him. not only that, but also uhh… yoyoing isn’t really a team sport. not sure how you could make a fantasy team. other than companies sponsoring players, they’re pretty much on their own, aren’t they?

Whoah! Calm down man. This was just an idea that my friend came up with and I suggested.

The part about teams. I was thinking of something simple such as just person’s team with best average score wins the bragging rights. Maybe an extra 5 points for winning a national title and an extra 10 points for winning worlds, or something like that. It was just a suggestion and it seemed possible. Could use more opinions.

Peeps play fantasy golf. Fantasy NASCAR. You can play fantasy poker for gods sake. It could be done pretty easily. I like the idea.

I’m relatively calm, thank you.